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If you’re looking for a new hobby, consider acroyoga! Acroyoga is the fusion of yoga and acrobatics. It’s an inclusive activity that can be done by anyone regardless of their physical fitness level or body type. You’ll learn all sorts of cool tricks like handstands, flips, and more which you will then be able to show off for your friends!

Acroyoga can be difficult at first, but you’ll pick up all of the moves quickly. And once you get good at one move, you will have a ton of fun trying to master new ones!

Acroyoga as a Hobby

Is Acroyoga a Good Hobby?

One of the benefits of acroyoga is that it can be done indoors and outdoors. Because it is a fusion of yoga and acrobatics, practitioners will stretch and strengthen their bodies. You’ll learn about different poses and how to do them correctly; this is as exercise as well as a form of meditation.

Other benefits include increased stability, balance, stamina, coordination, and flexibility!

Acroyoga is a great activity to participate in with your friends. You won’t get bored practicing by yourself; it’s more fun when you can laugh and joke around together! Once you’ve mastered all of the moves, you’ll be able to show off for your family and friends.

You can learn acroyoga through workshops at your local yoga studio or through YouTube videos; there are plenty of resources available to help you out. It takes a lot of dedication and practice, but once you’ve got it down, it will be one of the most rewarding things that you have ever done!

Some Basic Acroyoga Poses for Beginners

Here’s a list of acroyoga poses that are sure to impress your friends:

Firefly Pose: This pose is great for beginners. It starts with the person being lifted in a handstand while their partner holds on tightly from under them and then eventually loosens their grip so the other person can slowly start flipping over until they’re in a firefly pose.

Pancakes: In this move, only one person needs to be able to do a handstand so it’s perfect for beginners. The second person lays flat on their back and the first person, standing a few feet away from them, places their feet against the second person’s hands to help keep their balance as they walk closer to them. They then bend over to do a pancake flip onto the second person. Acroyoga is great for building trust with another person since you need to be able to rely on each other not to drop one another during these kinds of poses.

Tree Pose: This pose starts with a handstand. The second person gets into tree pose either in front or behind the first person and holds onto their ankles while they lean forward slightly so that they can also place their hands on the ground by their side for balance. Then they slowly start shifting their weight to one side while trying to keep balance and then shift their weight to the other side.

Mermaid: This pose starts just like firefly pose but instead of slowly flipping over, you’ll flip right into a mermaid which ends with one person lying on their back and the other balancing above them with both feet on either side of their head.

Basket: The basket move is also great for building trust between two people since it requires one person to be able to do a handstand and let themselves go so that they can fall into another person who will catch them in a basket hold. To get into the basket hold, the second person lets go of the first persons hands at a certain point when they’re in a handstand.

Baby Bird: This move is perfect for groups of three or more people since it requires one person to be able to do a handstand while two other people lie down on their backs, facing the sky with their feet in the air and hold onto their ankles. The third person then holds onto the ankles of each person while they do a handstand over them! Since there are three people involved, this pose will require lots of trust between all participants.

Banana Split: Begin by doing pancakes with one person on their back and another standing upright next to them. Then bend forward towards your partner until you can reach behind them and grab onto an ankle while they grab onto your other ankle. Next, press up into a banana split! If you’re having trouble balancing, try crossing your ankles as you press up.

Flag: In the flag pose, one person lifts their body up into a handstand with their feet facing away from their partner and then spreads open their legs into a V shape while the other kneels down behind them and holds onto both of their ankles. Once stable, the first person tries to jump over and flip so they can do a front split in mid air with their hands touching the ground where they started! This is definitely an advanced move so make sure everyone involved is completely comfortable with it before attempting it together.


If you’re looking for a new hobby to try out, consider acroyoga! This fusion of yoga and acrobatics can be done by anyone. It’s exercise, meditation, and great for bonding with your friends! Once you get good at one move, you’ll be able to try out all sorts of new tricks. Acroyoga is a rewarding activity to do; it’s lots of fun!

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