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Collection Hobby Ideas

Collecting is a hobby that has been around for centuries. There are as many hobbies to collect as there are types of things available in the world. With so many different kinds, it can sometimes be hard to know what kind you should collect or which ones will appreciate in value over time.

Moreover, collecting has been around for centuries with many different people engaging in their own personal collections from jewelry or coins all the way to books or comic books.

Interesting Things to Collect

The world is full of fascinating things to collect. Some common hobbies are coin collecting, stamp collecting, and toy collections. You can also find many different types of coins in a treasure hunt or as a reward for completing certain quests in computer games. Coins make great souvenirs from places you have traveled to too!

You can decide what to collect based on your interests.

For Those Who Love Travelling

  • Postscards: Send a postcard to someone you care about or keep it for yourself.
  • Travel Stickers: Turn your car into an art gallery with travel stickers.
  • Vintage Suitcases: Vintage suitcases are great for storing clothes and other items.
  • Beer Cans & Steins: Collect beer cans and steins to show off your love for the beverage.
  • Bottle Caps: Collect bottle caps from all of the different sodas you drink or try and collect bottle caps from all 50 states.
  • Coasters: Collect coasters to show off your home bar or just display them on a shelf.
  • Restaurant Menus: Collect restaurant menus for those nights when you don’t feel like cooking.
  • Shot Glasses: A shot glass is the perfect thing to collect for those nights when you want to take it easy.
  • Whiskey Labels: Whiskey labels are one of the best things to collect since you can drink the whiskey.

For Those Who Love Sports

  • Baseball Cards: Baseball cards can be collected by type, player, team or sport. This hobby is not as popular with young people anymore but many adults still enjoy this hobby.
  • NFL Memorabilia: Items that are sold to commemorate the NFL, such as footballs signed by current and former players.
  • Super Bowl Rings: Rings given to the members of a winning team in pro football.
  • Tickets to Sporting Events: Tickets that allow access into an event.

For Those Who Enjoy Cooking

  • Juice Boxes: Juice boxes are a great collectible to have because they come in all sorts of colors! The designs on the juice boxes also change frequently so you can have a different design to collect every few months.
  • Recipe Books: Recipe books are an awesome way for people who love to cook and bake to collect recipes. There are not many things that can be collected to show off your skills in the kitchen better than a recipe book full of tried and true family favorites!
  • Recipes: Recipes give you an opportunity for collecting all sorts of foods, from savory dishes to sweet treats. They make a great gift because most people love food but have no idea how to cook it themselves – this is where these come into play as they’ll teach them everything that needs to be done!
  • Salt and Pepper Shakers: Salt and pepper shakers make a good addition when adding something on top of your dining room table or sideboard if you like having yourself some extra spice at the end of every meal. Plus, there’s nothing more satisfying then finding a match set for your salt and pepper shakers.
  • Exotic Spices: Exotic spices are a great way to show off the different flavors that you’ve had around the world without ever leaving home! They’re also an excellent gift idea or as a decoration for any kitchen, they come in all sorts of colors and shapes so there will be one perfect for whatever you have going on.
  • Vintage Utensils: Vintage kitchen utensils make it easy to gather some old-fashioned cooking equipment into one place – not only does this preserve these pieces from being outgrown by modern technology but it’s also just another thing to display that shows how much love someone has put into their hobbies over time.
  • Vintage Appliances: Small kitchen appliances are a great way to collect and preserve some of the more unique pieces in cooking that have been outgrown by modern technology. They make for an excellent gift because they’re often items that people take for granted – so when you give them one of these as a present, it’s like giving something new with old roots.

For Those Who Love the Nature

  • Driftwood: Driftwood is a great item to collect because you can find it almost anywhere. You will want to make sure that the driftwood doesn’t have any algae or other outside plant growth on it because that will make your driftwood stickier and harder to clean off.
  • Rocks: Rocks make really good items because there are not many rocks around us, which means most people won’t think about rock collecting as something that would interest them. This generally means that more rare rocks will come up for sale on sites like eBay – but again this depends on where you live because if all the rocks are in your backyard, then that means you can’t collect them.
  • Sand: If you have ever been to a beach before then you are able to collect sand from that beach. This is because the sand is different on each side so it would be best if you could use a collector’s jar or something similar in order to keep your collection as whole and cleaner
  • Seashells: Seashells can also make for great collections! Most people know what seashells look like but they don’t always think of them as an item worth collecting which means there will be less competition when trying to find them.
  • Sunglasses : What better way than sunglasses? You can get all kinds of sunglasses, including ones with frames made out of wood, metal, plastic, even silk. The sky is really the limit when it comes to the different types of sunglasses that you can find.
  • Surfboards: If you live close to a beach, it is possible for you to collect boards from people who are done using them and want to get rid of them so they don’t have any use for the board anymore. You may also be able to rent a surfboard at your local pool or store in order to try surfing before purchasing one!

For Those Who Love Cars and Bikes

  • Helmets: The type of helmet you collect depends on your interests. Some collectors might focus on the helmets that were used in World War I or II, where others might collect helmets that were used by police officers.
  • Key Chains: Key chains are the most popular item to collect, but it’s important you know what you’re collecting before jumping in. Some collectors focus on button style key chains, while others might only collect Disney themed items.
  • License Plates: License plates are a popular item to collect because they have so many different designs and colors that it’s easy for people who love traveling or cars to find one that matches their interests.
  • Car or Motorcycle Model Kits: Car model kits are an excellent way for young children to learn how the parts of a car work together; some models also contain stickers to help make them look more realistic! Older kids can get creative by decorating their kit with paints and markers – this is really fun if you want your finished product to be something other than black!
  • Oil Cans: Oil cans were used to store lubricating oil in cars or motorcycles. These cans are small, making them easy for collectors to display on shelves or tables.
  • Vintage Cars and Motorcycles: There are a few different types of car & motorcycle models that people collect – some focus only on the design while others want scale model replicas (so they’re able to drive them!).

Most Popular Collecting Hobbies

Most people who collect things do so for different reasons such as nostalgia, wanting something that makes them happy, or investing in their future by buying rare items! There is a whole world out there just waiting to be explored with all sorts of neat stuff to find and cherish forever. What does your hobby consist of? Who knows what you might discover next?


A stamp is a piece of paper that has an official seal, called a “cachet” or “postmark.” Stamps are created by governments and organizations to be put on mail when it is sent. They have been used since the 1840’s and they typically have unique stamps for each country throughout history!

There are many different types of stamps to collect, each with a unique value and rarity. The most popular type is the US stamp because they are used in many countries around the world today!


Collecting coins is a hobby that has been around for centuries. There are as many hobbies to collect as there are types of things available in the world. One of the more popular collecting hobbies is coins, with an estimated five percent of Americans collecting coins! Coins can be collected from every country and put on display to show off one’s collection. With so many different kinds, it can sometimes be hard to know what kind you should collect or which ones will appreciate in value over time. To help your coin-collecting experience go smoothly, here are some tips for finding the best type of coins to start out with!

The first step would be deciding if you want something new (i.e.- a brand) or old (i.e.- vintage). New means that they were made recently while “old” refers specifically to ancient items before 1950 CE that have not been circulated by any nation. The next step is to think about what kind of coin you want, such as currency coins, commemorative coins, or foreign coins. You will also need to decide if there are certain countries that interest you more than others and then collect from those specific places!

Baseball Pins

Collecting baseball pins can be a hobby for all ages but it may take some time before they start appreciating in value at stores like eBay because many people have this same idea and competition becomes fierce. Baseball pins come in two different types: trading cards and game used pieces thrown onto the field after an important play has been completed during a Major League Baseball game.

Vinyl Records

Collecting vinyl records is a popular hobby and will typically appreciate in value over time because it’s an older collectible for those who are looking to invest their money into something that can be sold off later on. Vinyl records have been around since the late 1800s but were phased out when CDs became more popular during the 1980s so many people started selling them as collections which makes them hard to find at stores like Walmart, Target, etcetera! They are easily identifiable by their 12 inch size record with two holes and grooves coming from one side only (i.e.- no labels). This creates sound waves that change the needle’s vibration which produces music!

Comic Books

Comic books are a great way to collect and have something that is fun to read. They are comics (i.e.- short stories) about the adventures of superheroes, like Spider-Man or The Flash! Some people even go so far as collecting comic book memorabilia– such as figurines, comic cards, and posters– which can be very expensive but preserves one’s favorite memories!


Collecting wine may not seem popular in today’s world because it does take some knowledge when buying but many collectors buy them for their future value rather than drinking them right away. Wine has been around since ancient times with Roman Emperor Nero being known for his love of wines from Greece and Rome at dinner parties. There are two types: red and white, each with a different flavor depending on where it was grown.

Trading Cards

Collecting trading cards is also popular in today’s world because they come in all shapes (i.e.- baseball, basketball) and sizes! They are small rectangles that have the name of the player printed on them along with their stats like height or weight for those who want to do some research ahead of time before buying something expensive. Trading cards became very popular during the 1970s when kids would trade these things at school to get something they wanted from someone else!


A doll collection can be just about anything as long as you find what interests you most– such as Barbie dolls or animal-shaped ones—because there are so many different types to collect! Many people who start collecting dolls will have the intention of selling them off later for a profit but if you’re just looking to make someone happy, there are plenty out there that can’t afford one.

Action Figures

These small figures made from plastic toys may seem like something only kids would be interested in but collector’s– such as those with an Avengers collection—would say otherwise! They come in all shapes and sizes and most importantly they represent the characters or persons that were once used during films (i.e.- Star Wars)

Video Game Disks

Some video games require disks which means gamers must buy two copies: one for their Playstation system while another is often needed when playing on Xbox consoles. These disks are often much more expensive than the games themselves because they contain a lot of data which requires an official copy to be made.


Antiques are considered to be collectibles because they are old and have existed since the 18th century. They include different items such as furniture, clothing, and paintings which can become expensive items.

Antiques are items over 100 years old. Vintage is any item that isn’t an antique but it’s still fairly old.


Watches are a popular collectible because they have been around since the 1500s and many people invest in them for their future value, such as Rolex watches or any other watch that has an association with some type of celebrity.

Some collectors like to collect a certain type of watch — for example, pocket watches.

Asian Art

Asian Art is becoming more popular to collect due to cultural changes over time, especially when it comes to Japanese artwork.

Hundreds of types and periods of artwork can be found in this category, which is useful for collectors with eclectic tastes. Different types of art will vary in expense.

Benefits of Collecting Hobbies

There are many benefits when choosing collecting as a hobby.

  • Collecting is a favorite hobby for many that can be done with or without others. It is a great hobby for anyone of any age because there are different types and it can be the perfect gift for someone who is hard to buy for!
  • If you have an expensive item, it will appreciate in value over time because of this and someone else might buy it off your hands to collect!
  • A collecting hobby should not cost more than the items being collected which means you can get started very easily!
  • It is a great way to make some extra money if you have an expensive item and don’t want it anymore.
  • One way to build one’s expertise in a particular area is by collecting. As your collection grows, you will have access to more and better pieces, which can lead to unique opportunities and it require you to research to have a grasp on the market and what is worth collecting.
  • Collecting is a great way for someone who has always wanted to do something like be a detective or an archaeologist because they can practice by asking questions and research about the items in their collection.
  • It helps you build organization skill and discipline. In order to succeed in your collecting hobby, you must first systematize the items that you decide to keep.

Cool Things to Collect for Guys

Old Cars

For guys, one of the coolest things they can collect is old cars. These are often seen as a hobby for the rich and famous, but with a little work, know-how, and money anyone can get into the game.

There’s a couple of ways to go about collecting old cars. One would be to buy them from auctions or junkyards, which can be risky business because you never know what condition they’re going to be in when you buy them.

You can also find old cars at estate sales or even garage sales if you are willing to wait around all day. It might be better just to list on websites like eBay that specialize in vintage vehicles because it’s easier than running around looking for them all day and you don’t have to deal with the risk of getting an old car in poor condition.

It’s best not to buy a really expensive car from someone who isn’t professional about their work, especially if you don’t know much about cars yourself. The reason is that they could be using improper restoration methods which can ruin your investment and lead to it being worth less than what you paid for it. And if they don’t know anything about cars and are just buying them sight-unseen, that means they might be buying ones in worse condition than you would want to deal with.

For the person who wants to just collect and not have any work to do, they can buy a model car and put it on their shelf. It’s the same idea as collecting baseball cards or stamps but with cars.


For guys, collecting rocks can be an interesting hobby. You will need to find something you’re really interested in and want to know more about in order to have success with the hobby.

Rocks come in all different shapes and sizes and are organized by type. Some people focus on one type of rock or mineral while others collect them all.

And there are all sorts of gems and minerals to choose from, so you’ll be able to find something that sparks your interest.

Otaku items

If you’re more into modern stuff instead of vintage objects, then there’s always otaku items. These come in all shapes and sizes but you’ll want something that’s obscure enough that it’s not going to be too hard to find. Despite being a negative term, otaku items are actually pretty popular.

They are merchandises related to anime, manga and video games. They can range from figurines, disks, cards to just about anything you can think of.


A watch is a must-have item for men. They’re classic and they’ll never go out of style. Watches can also act as a jewelry replacement for men who would not normally wear them.

Men are not the only ones who collect watches. It can be a hobby for some women too. And what makes it so exciting is that they come in different styles and materials, allowing a collector to enjoy all sorts of options. Watches also come in different prices, so collectors with limited budgets can find something to suit their needs without breaking the bank.

A man’s watch should complement his desired style and personality. Specialty stores often have knowledgeable employees that can help you find a watch that is perfect for you. By doing this, you’ll be able to purchase something with confidence and know that it will hopefully hold some value over time as well.


If collecting has been your hobby for some time now but you’re looking for a new item to collect, you might want to try figurines. Figurines are small statues usually made of plastic with the image of an anime character on it.

Figurines can be found at specialty stores or online while on sale and they’re not as expensive as one would think considering their size. They make great gifts that will last forever because most people never outgrow collecting them like other hobbies do so there’s always someone who is going to enjoy your gift regardless if it has been years since you’ve seen them or not.

What People Collect

  • Alarm Clocks
  • Antique Furniture
  • Antique Weapons
  • Apothecary Jars
  • Arrowheads
  • Arrows
  • Ashtrays
  • Autographs
  • Axes and Hatchets
  • Back Scratchers
  • Badges of professionals (lawer, firemen, etc.)
  • Belt Buckles
  • Birdhouses
  • Blown Glass Animals and Figurines
  • Blueprints
  • Bookends
  • Calculators
  • Calendars – Vintage
  • Cameras
  • Candles
  • Candlesticks
  • Canes or Walking Sticks
  • Carved Decoupage Ostrich, Porcelain, and Faberge Eggs
  • Cash Registers
  • Cassette Tapes
  • Christmas Ornaments and Lights
  • Cigar Boxes
  • Cigarette Cases
  • Clocks
  • Coffee Mugs
  • College Pennants
  • Comic Books
  • Compasses
  • Computers
  • Corkscrews
  • Correspondence from Famous People
  • Crate Labels
  • Decorative Tiles
  • Decorative Wall Outlet Covers
  • Dentistry or Medical Tools
  • Depression Glass
  • Dolls
  • Door Knockers
  • Drive-in Movie Theatre Speakers
  • Duck Calls and Decoys
  • Dukes of Hazzard Memorabilia
  • Dust Jackets from Books
  • Election Buttons
  • Elvis (or another entertainer) Memorabilia
  • Fans – Handheld
  • Fishing Lures, Poles, and Tackle
  • Flags
  • Guitar Picks
  • Guitars
  • Gumball Machines
  • Guns – Collectible
  • Halloween Memorabilia
  • Harmonicas
  • Hatpins
  • Hats
  • Hood Ornaments
  • Hummel Figurines
  • Ice Skates
  • Inkwells
  • Japanese Warrior Dolls
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Journals Kept by Famous People
  • Knives
  • Kool-Aid Memorabilia
  • Legos
  • Letter Openers
  • Lithographs
  • Locks
  • Lunchboxes
  • Magazines
  • Magnifying Glasses
  • Mandolins
  • Masks
  • Mason jars
  • Meteorites
  • Microscopes
  • Milk Glass
  • Mirrors
  • Model Planes
  • Model Railroads
  • Model Ships
  • Mortars and pestles
  • Motorcycles
  • Movie and TV Scripts
  • Movie Posters
  • Native American Artefacts and Jewellery
  • Newspapers
  • Nutcrackers
  • Old Tools
  • Paperweights
  • Photographs
  • Picture Frames
  • Pinball Machines
  • Plants – House or Garden
  • Porcelain Dolls
  • Pots, Old Pans, and Cauldrons
  • Purses
  • Sheet Music
  • Shoes
  • Skateboards
  • Snow Globes
  • Snuff Boxes
  • Spectacles or Reading Glasses
  • Stock Certificates
  • Street Signs
  • Sundials
  • Swords (antique)
  • Tea Cups with Saucers
  • Telescopes
  • Toys (antique or vintage)
  • Troll Dolls (from the ’70s)
  • Vintage Valentines
  • Wall Sconces
  • Wallets
  • Water Goblets
  • Weathervanes
  • Wedding Dresses or Vintage Clothing
  • Whisky
  • Whistles
  • Wicker Furniture
  • Wrappers
  • Wreaths
  • Wristbands
  • Yo-yos
  • Zippo Lighters


Collecting is a wonderful way to preserve the past, create new memories with friends, and share your collections with others.

The motivation for collecting can be as unique as what you collect! Some people enjoy preserving the past by finding old items that are no longer available in stores or through other means of purchase – such things could include antique furniture pieces from centuries ago or records produced before CDs were invented.

Other people take an investment approach; buying up rare paintings instead of shares on Wall Street because they’re looking to turn a profit down the line when their painting becomes worth more than it costs now.

And still others find companionship among fellow collectors who give them advice about how best to store their collection so that everything stays preserved over time (and prevent it from being ruined by weather conditions and pests).

The best part about collecting is that there are no right or wrong reasons to do it – collect what you enjoy, and don’t worry too much about what others think.

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