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10 Best Hobbies for Backpackers

It’s not always about the destination, it’s about the journey. Travelling provides a wealth of new experiences that would not be possible in your hometown. Whether you’re planning to take the road less travelled or stay at home, there are plenty of things you can do to keep yourself busy and out of trouble. Here are 10 hobbies for backpackers to try!

Best Hobbies for Backpackers

Discover new local places

The best way to get a new perspective on a place is to explore it on your own. If you have the time, plan some activities around finding new places within your city or country. Be sure to note them down for future reference!

Each city has its own local spots and unique characteristics. If you think your city is too ordinary or boring, it’s time to explore and see what’s in store for you!


There are plenty of ways to be creative when travelling. Photography can provide limitless inspiration, especially when visiting new places that everyone has seen before.

Take photos of your travel buddies or even take selfies while waiting in line to get that perfect picture! If you’re tired, try using a panoramic camera app for the perfect landscape shot.

Travel Vlogging

A great way to document your journey is through video. There are plenty of people who make vlogs on Youtube and update their videos constantly with useful content about places to visit or things about each city/country you visit. It’s also fun to watch other people’s videos!

There are more and more backpackers doing travel vlogs these days. If you haven’t already, give it a try!

Food Vlogging

An extension of travel vlogging is food vlogging, where you basically just talk about your eating experiences. Try the local delicacies and if something doesn’t sit well with you, don’t forget to tell your viewers!

Who doesn’t love taking pictures of their food? Travelling can be quite an experience when it comes to trying out new restaurants and food at every corner. Try buying something small from a local street vendor for an affordable price, or go all out at a nice restaurant. Either way, you’ll have plenty of pictures to look back on!

Learn a Foreign Language

Many countries offer free language courses when visiting their country. Even if your stay is temporary, take the opportunity to learn how to communicate with local residents or fellow travellers! It’s not only fun, but it makes travelling easier and more efficient.

Collecting Coins

You don’t need to go far to find coin collectors. Many people will be willing to sell their old coins – just make sure the money is worth it before you buy anything that could be fake or might damage other items in your collection. Collecting stamps can also be extremely rewarding in comparison.

Collecting Stamps

Stamp collecting is an extremely common hobby, especially in countries that collect their own stamps. Just like coins, people are always willing to sell old stamps because they take up so much space. Make sure you check out the value of your items before buying any though!

Collecting Souvenirs

If you loved visiting a specific place or want to remember it forever, souvenirs can be great ways to commemorate your trip. You don’t need expensive things – just look for nice pictures and trinkets that remind you of something fun. Visit museums while you’re at it too!

Visit Museums

Many museums offer free admission if you arrive early enough in the day or visit certain days of the week. It’s an excellent alternative to spending money on an expensive museum entrance fee. Some museums also offer cheap or free guided tours, so make sure you take advantage!

Visit Disney World

All right, this one isn’t exactly a hobby, but if you’re visiting the United States it’s definitely worth checking out. Especially if you have children – they will absolutely love being in their favourite fairytale for two whole days! Make sure to book your tickets early because this place is extremely popular and sells out fast.

There are plenty of great hobbies that can be done whether you’re travelling or staying at home. The trick is not to become too obsessed with any single one so you don’t miss out on other experiences along the way. Remember to have fun and enjoy yourself!

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