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10 Best Hobbies For Doctors

To be a good doctor, you need to take care of yourself. Doctors who have balance in their lives are better able to empathize with patients and themselves because they know what it’s like on all ends- from taking time for self improvement or relaxation as well as dealing compassionately with difficult cases that require long hours at work every day (and sometimes more). It may seem hard at first but by setting aside blocks during your hectic days heal up spiritually too!

Doctors work hard and deserve a hobby that is just as challenging. They often need a hobby to keep their minds and hands busy. Here are 10 for you to try, without leaving the house!

Best Hobbies For Doctors


Doctors need to stay on top of their field so reading up on new research is an excellent way to do it while taking a break from all the medical journals. Plus, many doctors find reading relaxing and take it with them in their downtime when they can’t sleep or have free time between patients.

There are many genres of books for doctors to enjoy, including medical thrillers, autobiographies, mystery novels or anything by your favorite author.

Doctors who enjoy reading can get lost in other worlds while taking breaks from reality, finding new experiences through literature that they might not find in work. Readers say it’s relaxing and helps them unwind after an intense day at work and take a break from the news which is often overwhelming and stressful.


Cooking can be a fun and relaxing hobby for doctors. It’s an excellent way to unwind at the end of a long day while spending time with friends or just enjoying what you’ve made alone.

Doctors who have tried cooking say that it gives them a sense of accomplishment helping create something delicious from scratch, along with the satisfaction of being healthy, learning new recipes and creating memories by sharing food with loved ones.

Knitting or crocheting

Some doctors find knitting very relaxing. Doctors should take up knitting if they want to try a hobby that requires little to no equipment while providing them with a useful skill set- plus it makes great gifts!

Crocheting is a fun and beautiful hobby that takes patience and care that doctors can enjoy as a way to relax.

Some doctors who try crochet find it relaxing, others find it frustrating but the small victories of getting the pattern right or finishing their first flower is rewarding. They’ve found it’s really not as hard as they thought and love the satisfaction of a finished project.

Stand-up or improv comedy

Often doctors find that stress relief in comedic events. Stand-up comedy can be a fun way to spend some time at the end of a long day by laughing with others in the audience. Some performers are even doctors themselves, making it easy for you to relate to their jokes!

Doctors who want to try a hobby that helps them think on their feet should try improv comedy. Doctors say it’s a great way to relieve tension and stress while helping you be in the moment and think quickly on your feet when performing live in front of an audience.

Making art

Doctors who enjoy painting, sculpting, pottery or other forms of artistic expression have pointed out how this hobby helps them stay calm and relaxed under pressure while being productive at work. Critics say that creating artwork gives them an outlet to express difficult emotions they may not allow themselves to feel through words.

Nowadays digital art is also available to doctors, who can create beautiful digital art without needing much money or equipment. Doctors say it’s a great way to relieve stress and be creative at work!


Many surfers say that surfing is very relaxing because it’s meditative both physically and mentally. Some surfers say it’s like therapy, helping them clear their minds after a rough day working in hospitals.

Surfing is a great hobby for doctors because it provides a good workout, enables them to enjoy the outdoors in a beautiful setting and it’s a way to meet like-minded individuals. Doctors who try surfing say they love this relaxing hobby, but be careful: many go from casual surfer to hard-core enthusiast!


Jogging is an excellent way for doctors to stay fit while enjoying the fresh air outside. The rhythmic activity of running can help doctors relax, lower stress and improve mood by both getting your body moving and releasing endorphins which trigger happiness in the brain!


Doctors who want to express themselves creatively can write about anything they desire- including sharing their stories with others. Blogging helps doctors connect with others going through similar experiences or just find a creative outlet that helps them break out of the routine they face every day at work. It may even lead to new opportunities!

Writing can be a great way for doctors to also show their personality and add some fun (and humour) to the lives of others.


Golfers say that this hobby provides them with an outlet for stress relief, exercise, competition or just spending time outdoors away from crowds- plus there are so many choices when it comes to equipment! While you probably won’t have enough time during your lunch break to play 18 holes, you can take a few swings at the driving range or relax with a putting green.

You can also try taking lessons from a golf pro to build your confidence and improve your game.

Riding Horses

Doctors who love horses say that riding a horse is a good workout and really fun. Horseback riding is great because it provides doctors with an opportunity to get some exercise while spending time outdoors in beautiful surroundings.

Many of the people you meet while out on your ride are fellow equestrians, so they have something else in common! They are also very helpful, offering you advice and allowing you to meet their horses (who are often excellent teachers themselves), if they’re trained.

Improving your skills as an equestrian can also lead to opportunities for doctors who want to earn extra money by renting out their home or property for horseback riding camps.


These hobbies for doctors let them leave the hospital behind without having to step off hospital grounds! While these are not physical activities, they still provide good stress relief by encouraging creativity and artistic expression which drains tension away. Meanwhile, jogging, surfing or knitting gets doctors outside into nature while building their strength back up- because everyone should have some form of exercise during their free time! Just remember to schedule “me” time so that you don’t burn out- after all, self is important too for doctors!

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