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8 Best Hobbies for New Moms

There are a lot of things that new mothers have to deal with. They’re constantly thinking about what they can do for their little one, and this is usually the first thing on their mind in the morning and last at night. This article will give you some great ideas on how to get out of the house and make yourself feel like your old self again! It’s important for new moms to take care of themselves as well as look after their children. If you don’t, it might be hard later on when you need your energy back up again. There are 8 hobbies listed below that we hope will help you find something enjoyable and relaxing that’ll bring a smile to your face! What better way than finding something fun and exciting?

Best Hobbies for  New Moms


Gardening is always a good idea for anyone, but it’s even better when you have little ones! You can get out of the house and tend to your plants while your kids play around in the dirt. It’s not only fun for them, but gives you a chance to bond together in harmony.

This will work wonders on your relationship with one another and help strengthen bonds that might be weak or need reinforcement. And who knows? You may find something new here yourself by watching how your kids react to certain plants or flowers, etc…

One hobby isn’t necessarily better than another because all hobbies are good for you when it comes down to it! Start working on something that interests you, but if none of these spark your interest, there are plenty more out there. 7


As a new mom you have to balance so much at once! Not only do you have to worry about work and the kids but what’s for dinner? Cooking is not an easy task when it comes down to it, especially with children running around everywhere. If they’re old enough try teaching them how to cook – this will be great on their communication skills and will help them in many ways come adulthood!

If they’re too young then try getting into cooking yourself. It might seem like a hassle at first, but having something nutritious you can make in less than 30 minuteswithout burning or overcooking it is a great feeling. It’s rewarding and you can enjoy it with your little one!

Tinkering with arts and crafts

This is a simple one that most mothers love doing! If they’re old enough, grab your daughter or son and make some cool things together. Have fun spending time with them while trying something new out of the ordinary. Turn normal arts and crafts into something from another planet – make alien slime or go crazy by painting half of their face green with food dye!

If they’re still small then try exploring different types of arts and crafts yourself to see what speaks to you. This will be free-form unlike teaching your child which follows specific steps, but both are equally as fun!


If you know how to knit or have an interest in learning, this is perfect for a new mom! This hobby will keep your mind busy and help you make a scarf in a few days without much effort. If your child is old enough then try knitting together – it’ll be something both of you can bond over by doing something interesting that’s good for the soul!

Being patient is always key with knitting because once you start it can’t stop until completion. It’ll be done when it’s done so just relax, set your mind free and let the yarn do its work while going through mental exercises or simply taking deep breaths to calm down. It’s a time-consuming process but if patience isn’t one of your strong points at least you’ll have something to keep you busy. You can even try knitting during your children’s nap time so you don’t feel left out!


Remember all those pictures you took when your kid was first born? Instead of sitting on the shelf or worse, getting thrown away, why not scrapbook them? If it’s just one child then that may be difficult but if they got a sibling then by all means, do another book and make it about their growing up years together. You can even do both and separate them into two books: one for each!

This is perfect because no matter how old they get they’ll always appreciate looking back at their younger days and know how much they were loved at such an early age. Not only that, but you’ll be keeping the memories alive and sharing them with your children so they can cherish them just as much as you do!


If you have a husband or boyfriend who fishes often try getting into it yourself. It may seem complicated at first which is why if you don’t know how to fish then you should learn before trying it out! You never know when an emergency might happen and your child needs something to eat fast – this way both of you will be set for whatever situation arises.

This hobby is great because it keeps both parent and child occupied for hours on end without even realizing it. If you’re looking for something casual then this is perfect because fishing requires little interaction other than catching the fish and putting them back. But if you want to go full throttle and make it interesting, go ahead and make a bet: the one who catches the most fish by nightfall wins!

Running or jogging in nature

If your child is old enough then take him or her with you for an outdoor run whenever possible. It can be as simple as going on a walk for you to get out of the house but if they’re not big enough yet this will still help you bond with them outdoors.

Jogging outdoors is also great because there’s something about being close to nature which we all long for – we miss that connection so why not take our children and do things with them outside? We only live once so let’s make the most of it and create memories we can look back on years later with a smile!


Take up photography as a hobby and learn how to photograph both people and places. This is perfect because if your child is young you can easily teach them about angles and lighting and let them take part in some of the photos too. If they’re older then try taking advantage of their modeling skills but make sure that there’s nothing sexual about it since that will be detrimental to their growth emotionally – otherwise, go nuts! Just get snapping away whenever you’re feeling inspired or simply want to get out of the house for a while.

What better way to express yourself than by using photographs? You’ll notice that your perspective changes when you hold a camera in your hands because you’re forced to think beyond the immediate – this is great for us since we live in a world where most people are just zoned out! So why not create memories that will last forever by taking up photography which can be done whether at home or outdoors?

There are so many great hobbies out there to choose from, but if you’re a new mom then these 8 are definitely for you. Motherhood is not an easy task but it’s also not impossible to get yourself out of the house and use your skills again. What better way to bond with your child than by doing things together under one roof?

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