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10 Best Hobbies for Writers

Writing is an important skill for any person in today’s society. It requires one to put thoughts down onto paper in some kind of cohesive way so others might understand them. Aspiring authors often read books about how to improve their writing skills and one subject covered by many of them is the art of finding time to write and setting up a writing space. Fortunately, there are lots of things that one can do in order to be more productive and creative with their writing. So if you’re wondering how to get started as a writer or where to find new ideas for your next novel, here are ten good hobbies for writers.

Feel free to indulge in one or two of them, though any more might seem like too much work!


Best Hobbies for Writers - Reading

Time spent reading often stimulates creativity and provides ideas to write about. Readers can lose themselves in whatever they are reading which is not only relaxing but helps with writer’s block.

This hoppy can lso improve vocabulary and comprehension.


This should be obvious, but it needs to be mentioned. Writers should make time to write to keep their writing skills sharp. Just because you spend your day writing doesn’t mean you should neglect other forms of writing during your free time.

Even if it’s just a few words here or there, having fun with your own stories or diary entries can help you develop as a writer. By doing the same thing over and over again you will train yourself to become faster at typing which results in more time to be creative.


Just like baking, cooking is a form of creative expression and is a great stress reliever. It can be a fun way to spend time with family and friends, but it is also good for an individual’s well-being by helping to reduce anxiety.


This may include anything from crocheting to painting mandalas. Crafting provides a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that we all need. There are numerous crafting applications on social media that help crafters connect and share their work with the world.


Daydreaming is often discouraged as writers are encouraged to focus on writing as many words as possible. However, daydreaming about new ideas can stimulate creativity and generate more interesting storylines for those who enjoy writing fiction novels or memoirs.


Yoga is a mindful activity which reduces stress and improves overall health. Yoga can help writers maintain a healthy body, which means they are more likely to be productive for longer periods of time.


Getting fit is important for any writer because it reduces stress, increases confidence, and promotes productivity both at work and in the home where writing often takes place. Exercising also helps writers better focus on their work by keeping them distracted from thinking about food all the time!


Puzzle-type video games are great tool for relaxation. They are even considered cognitive enhancers that improve memory function. This will allow writers to become more focused when working on projects rather than getting frustrated after seeing little improvement over an extended period of time.


Many writers have a secret desire to shop, but it is actually a good hobby for them as they tend to spend time planning out purchases which can be helpful when writing plotlines or character development.


Listening to music helps the mind relax and focus on whatever task needs completing. Whether it’s listening to songs with lyrics that pertain directly to a project or instrumental pieces that help writers stay focused, there are tons of ways that this is a beneficial pastime.

Hobbies are an important part of everyday life, but they’re even more beneficial for writers. Maybe the only drawback is that hobbies can be addictive and take up all your time! If you enjoy any of these ten, then go ahead and indulge to your hearts content–but remember to keep writing too.

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