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10 Best Hobbies That Make You Smarter

This article will share hobbies that are proven by science to increase intelligence, improve memory, or stimulate creativity. So go ahead – find something new for yourself and become smarter with these hobbies today!

If you’re looking to become a more intelligent person, it’s time to learn some new hobbies. Here are 10 of the best hobbies that will make you smarter!


Puzzles are one of the oldest ways to stimulate mental activity – from jigsaw puzzles all the way up to connect four games at restaurants. You might find yourself getting better at solving problems or assembling things as you work through these little challenges!

Puzzles stimulate your brain and make you better at problem solving and assembling things. When building a puzzle, you’re working through a series of challenges and really stimulating your brain!


Playing cards is another oldie but goodie. Games like bridge and poker are a great way to get your brain working on concentration, memorization, strategy and more! Plus they’re a lot of fun – win or lose!

Playing cards with friends is a great way to keep your brain active and stimulate various cognitive functions like memory, strategy, concentration, and more!

Mental Math

This one isn’t for everyone but if you really want something that will make your math skills better try mental math. It’s not about how fast you can solve a problem in your head rather it’s just about making sure you see patterns all the time so when problems come up with numbers later down the line, things will be easier for you.


This is another number puzzle game with numbers and boxes – it’s not always about pen and paper though, there are some sudoku apps that you could try as well for a little brain workout on the go.

Sudoku has always been a great way to stimulate your brain and make sure you’re spending some time working on number recognition, problem solving, pattern recognition and more.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles have been around since 1760s so don’t worry about it being too young to start playing them (though children may need help solving the more complicated ones!).

Playing these type of puzzles will make your spatial skills stronger which can come in handy later down the line when you’re building something or driving somewhere new. Plus it helps build problem solving skills by giving people difficult problems to solve.


Crosswords are a lot like word searches and sudoku but with more clues – you’re given the letters of some words to form other words in that grid. The most famous puzzle magazine is called ‘The New York Times’ so if you want to find your next one, start there!

It’s also fun because it gets you thinking about what vocabulary might be useful for certain jobs or hobbies down the line…plus figuring out anagrams can be really satisfying too!

Word Searches

Another type of puzzle game that involves looking for hidden words on a page by solving patterns around them. They’re great at keeping kids entertained when they have time off school as well as adults who are looking for a distraction.

Word searching can be done on mobile apps too which makes it easier to play while travelling or when you’re in a waiting room. These types of puzzles are great for memory stimulation and problem solving!


Anagrams are all about rearranging letters of one word or phrase to make another word or phrase like ‘anaconda’.

They were popularized by Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland book which I recommend reading because he was just such a talented this list for you. Happy puzzling!

Playing Game

There are all sorts of games out there, from board games to card games and even computer games that can help keep your mind sharp. You might want to test yourself with a good old fashioned game of chess or take on the next level challenge in Tetris while trying to figure out what’s going on at work or school.

Games have been shown to make us more proactive learners which helps support our long term memory as well as improve problem solving skills (which is always helpful).


Reading is a hobby that many adults say makes them smarter. The act of processing words on a page helps the brain form new neural pathways and could even ward off dementia later in life. It’s also an easy, low-impact way to increase your vocabulary!

Reading can be a great way to stimulate your brain and if you’re reading fiction it’s even better because it’s an escape from reality for a little while. Try looking in book stores or public libraries if you don’t have the money to buy books all the time!

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