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For many people, cleaning is a chore. But for some, it’s a hobby, and they take great pride in their work. Whether they do it because the task allows them to be meticulous and thorough or if they do it to help others by making their home as pristine as possible, there are different types of cleaners out there who have different motivations for picking up this line of work. The type of cleaner you are depends on what your motivation is – are you someone who cleans out of necessity or pleasure?

Cleaning As A Hobby

5 Benefits of Cleaning as a Hobby?

Stay busy and productive

Cleaners who have a natural inclination to clean and some sort of kinship with the idea of being a housekeeper are often just looking for an outlet for their energy. Work, family, and other responsibilities can keep you busy all day long. But when you come home, how do you burn off the rest of your steam? If you enjoy cleaning, it can help to give your body something productive to do so that adrenaline doesn’t build up until it has nowhere else to go.

Boost confidence

Cleaning provides instant gratification – after all, when things are clean they look perfect! And seeing the results of your work every day can help boost confidence in yourself and encourage more regular cleaning sprees. When you have pride in where you live, you feel more comfortable there. And a clean home is a happy home!

Relieve stress

Housekeeping can be therapeutic because it keeps your mind focused on the task at hand and provides a sense of calmness. You’re not thinking about work or other issues that might stress you out when you’re busy tidying up, so by cleaning as a hobby, you’re distracting yourself from those thoughts and instead focusing them on getting something done right.

Relax after work

Having something to do as soon as you get off of work lets you unwind faster and easier than if you had nothing planned. Cleaning is great for this because once everything is put away and dried off, all that’s to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy knowing that everything is clean.

Bond with others

Some people are naturally drawn to cleaning because it helps them make connections with others. When you spend time making your home or office spotless before each visit, you’re not just showing how much it means to have someone come over – you’re also inviting guests into a space that feels more like theirs because of the efforts they saw that were made just for them. You can touch on this benefit when talking about why you love cleaning as a hobby!

Types of Cleaners

The Overachiever

This type of cleaner cleans their house or apartment to perfection. They aren’t content with just the basics, they have to have everything in its place with no dirt or dust in sight.

This is one person who won’t stand for not having clean laundry because it means they don’t have any clean clothes – a wardrobe malfunction is an emergency when this person starts running low on undergarments.

And when things are out of place, this overachieving cleaner has a fit until the room or home looks like no one’s ever lived there at all.

Perfectionists and control freaks may share these characteristics but the latter might be the type who would actually take pleasure in doing such a tedious task as cleaning and turn it into a hobby.

The Mother Hen

This is the person who cleans the house of someone else–a partner, a parent, or even a friend. They are on call at all times so they can be said to have an emergency number memorized in their head at any given point.

This person isn’t just cleaning for their loved one though, they’re also making sure everything is done to perfection with no fingerprints left behind on the surfaces of dressers and tables.

You probably won’t find them spending time decorating or doing craft projects unless it’s adding some sort of finishing touch to something that just got dusted off.

Cleaning for others is like earning their keep and they make sure whatever job they’ve taken up is done to the best of their ability.

If a task has been assigned to them then it’s not just another item on their to-do list, it’s something that they’re taking pride in while doing.

The Do It Yourselfer

Cleaning isn’t just another one of life’s tasks for this person, it’s also how they spend time with other people too. Whether it’s spending time with friends or family members by asking them to help clean up after dinner, there are plenty of introverts who count cleaning as an enjoyable pastime because they wouldn’t be interacting with others otherwise.

Even though busy bees choose to take up this hobby so they can get things done without having to hop onto social media daily like everyone else seems to, they would still make time to clean if they didn’t have anything better to do with their lives. It’s just something that this person does–it’s a hobby and it has been from the start.

After Thoughts

And while everyone loves to pretend that life can be lived without having to worry about taking out the trash or vacuuming every other day, there are some people who treat cleaning as a task because it’s not exactly what you’d call fun. But when you have people around you who love being tidy, no one will say no to going along with them on a few chores for a change.

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