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Disc Golf

Disc Golf is a fantastic hobby for all ages. It’s inexpensive, can be played anywhere, and is a great way to get some fresh air. Plus, it’s great exercise! Grab your friends and family this weekend and try out the sport-you’ll be glad you did!

Is Disc Golf a Good Hobby?

Disc Golf as a Hobby

Disc Golf is like regular golf but easier and more fun. Instead of hitting a tiny ball into an even tinier hole, players throw a disc into metal baskets that are littered around courses.

It sounds simple enough but there’s quite a bit to know: each course has several “par” ratings which let you know what kind of shots the designers expect from skilled players, average Joe throws fly much further than pros so par 3s can be 7-10 on most amateur courses, etc.

The best place to learn this stuff would be at your local Disc Golf store such as Infinite Discs here in Lawrenceville. These stores carry all sorts of discs for every type of player and typically have knowledgeable employees as well.

If you want to get started all you need is a few discs and the course of your choice.

The good thing about Disc Golf is that courses can be found pretty much anywhere: parks, college campuses, and even in some backyards (usually other disc golfers’ backyards).

You should opt for a beginner set like this one which will give you three different types of discs so you can see what feels best in your hand. Once you know what type of player you are (power vs accuracy) it’s time to try out a course!

Before playing any course I recommend reading up on it first: most books will list the par ratings and elevation changes along with recommended hole placements. This information helps you plan out your game before arriving which will give you a much better chance of success.

One of the best things about Disc Golf, though, is that it doesn’t require any special equipment or complex rules. It’s just you and some friends throwing discs around for fun! You’ll get plenty of healthy exercises while enjoying the sunshine with your buddies so what more could you ask for? If anything at all, please comment below to say hello or share this article on Facebook. Thanks again and happy tossing!

Essential Equipment for Disc Golf

The Discs: The Heart of the Game

The most important equipment in disc golf, understandably, is the disc itself. Similar to golf clubs, discs come in a variety of types, each designed to achieve a specific task on the course. The three primary categories are drivers, mid-range discs, and putters.

  • Drivers: Built for speed and distance, drivers are the go-to choice for long-range throws. They feature a sharp edge to slice through the air efficiently, making them an excellent tool for your first throw off the tee.
  • Mid-Range Discs: A middle ground between drivers and putters, mid-range discs combine the best of both worlds. They provide control with reasonable distance, which is ideal for those tricky shots that are too short for a driver, but too long for a putter.
  • Putters: As the name suggests, putters are used for short-distance throws and are designed for precision over distance. Their edge is rounder and thicker than other discs, offering more control, making them perfect for those crucial final throws towards the basket.

The Disc Golf Bag: Your Portable Armory

A disc golf bag, much like a regular golf bag, allows you to carry multiple discs, keeping them organized and easily accessible during play. A sturdy bag designed specifically for disc golf will have various compartments, not just for discs but also for water bottles, snacks, and other essentials you might need on the course. They often come with padded straps for comfortable carrying, or even with a built-in stool for those long waits on busy days.

The Disc Golf Basket: Practice Makes Perfect

Although not necessary for everyone, a portable disc golf basket can be an invaluable tool for those looking to practice at home or set up their own course. These baskets mimic the ones found on professional courses, allowing you to perfect your throwing technique and putting precision.

Comfortable Apparel and Footwear: For the Love of the Game

Last but not least, your comfort during the game is paramount. Clothing that allows freedom of movement and breathability is a must. In addition, footwear should provide support and grip, as disc golf courses often feature a variety of terrains, such as grass, dirt, and sometimes even rocky or muddy surfaces.

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