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If you’re looking for a new hobby that is both fun and challenging, look no further than Jenga! This classic game of stacking blocks is the perfect way to spend an evening with family or friends. But Jenga isn’t just for children or casual gamers – it can be surprisingly competitive, too. So whether you’re looking for a laid-back way to pass the time or a thrilling challenge, Jenga is the perfect hobby for you.

What is Jenga?

Jenga is a game in which players take turns removing one block at a time from a tower constructed of 54 blocks and stacking them on top, trying to create the tallest possible structure without causing it to fall down. The goal is not winning but rather seeing how high a player can get the tower before it falls. Each block removed is then passed to another player who must place that block on top of the stack or hold onto it and pass all other blocks down one level, creating a shorter but sturdier structure

The game Jenga was first invented in 1974 by Leslie Scott while she was teaching at her daughter’s nursery school as a way for children with special needs to engage in educational play activities. The original name of the game is actually “Creepy Crawly” which explains why there are so many bugs pictured on its packaging!

The rule of Jenga is simple:

  • For each turn you must take one block from any of your stacks and place it anywhere else on top of another stack as long as it doesn’t touch any other blocks or cross over onto an adjacent space where there’s already a block present.
  • If someone calls “Jenga!” before you’ve had a chance to move for whatever reason (you’re done stacking, need help pulling something up/out of the pile) then no more moves are allowed until everyone draws again and starts off fresh at drawing one block.
  • At any point, you’re not allowed to knock over the tower by touching it without actually adding a block to it (although this is technically a violation, not an actual rule).

Different Variants of Jenga Games

There are many variants of the game that have been created over time. Traditional hardwood sets are simpler games overall.

  • Throw ‘n Go Jenga
  • Jenga Truth or Dare
  • Jenga Xtreme
  • Casino Jenga
  • Jenga XXL
  • Jenga Giant
  • Jenga Pass Challenge

Benefits of Playing Jenga

You might be surprised to know that Jenga has a lot of benefits beyond being a fun game to play. When most people think of Jenga, they think of it as a party game or something to play when they’re bored. But the truth is, this simple game can actually teach you a lot. Check out these five benefits of playing Jenga.

Improve your concentration

Jenga requires a lot of concentration. You have to pay attention to which block you’re pulling and make sure that you don’t pull the wrong one and cause the tower to collapse.

This concentration can actually help improve your focus in other areas of your life. If you find yourself struggling to concentrate at work or school, try taking a break and playing a round or two of Jenga. 

Enhance your motor skills

Jenga also requires good hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. You have to be able to carefully remove the blocks from the stack without toppling them over.

This can help improve your dexterity and coordination, which can come in handy in other areas of your life as well, such as sports or cooking. 

Boost your problem-solving skills 

Jenga is all about planning ahead and thinking strategically. You have to look at the stack of blocks and figure out which ones you can remove without causing the tower to collapse.

This type of problem-solving is an important skill to have in business, school, and everyday life. If you’re looking for a way to sharpen your problem-solving skills, give Jenga a try. 

Improve your patience 

Jenga can also teach you patience. The game moves slowly and takes time to complete. This can help you learn how to be patient when things are taking longer than you’d like them to or when you’re feeling frustrated with someone or something else in your life.

Learning patience is an important life skill that can come in handy in a variety of situations. 

Stimulate your mind 

Jenga is also a great way to stimulate your mind and keep your brain active. The game requires you to use both sides of your brain – the left side for logic and reasoning, and the right side for spatial awareness – which can help keep your mind sharp as you age.

If you’re looking for a fun way to give your brain a workout, pick up a game of Jenga next time you’re at the store! 

Tips On How To Play Safely

Are you worrying about whether you can play safely with your kids?

Here is a list of safety tips that you should follow:

  • Do not let children younger than three years old to play. Toddlers do not have the required cognitive, manipulative and motor skills needed for playing Jenga yet.
  • Make sure there are no other small objects around them when they are playing so it’s easier to clean up after themselves if anything falls over or spills.
  • If you want to get really serious about keeping everyone safe while enjoying this game, keep non-toxic markers nearby in case someone wants to draw on their blocks before putting them back into place.
  • Always supervise children at all times during gameplay since many accidents happen when adults aren’t watching closely enough!

How to Clean Your Jenga

Steps to clean jenga blocks

  • To clean Jenga blocks made from wood, use a damp cloth to remove any dirt from the surface of the block.
  • If they are painted, make sure to wipe them with a slightly damp cloth in order to remove any traces of dust or grime from the paint.
  • Never use a vacuum cleaner on the Jenga blocks because it could damage their surface and dull its color.

Are jenga blocks toxic?

The question of whether Jenga blocks are toxic has been debated on the internet for years. Numerous people have said that they’ve developed asthma or other breathing problems after playing with them, while others say there’s no correlation between these symptoms and exposure to Jenga blocks. This blog post will clear up any misconceptions about jenga block safety and provide you with a list of tips on how to play safely.

The answer is no.

The Jenga block game is a traditional stacking game where players take turns removing one block from a tower at a time. Players then add that block to the top of the pile, creating a new stack. The game ends when the tower falls.

In this game, players keep touching the blocks all the time, so it is very important to know if they are toxic.

Most Jenga blocks purchased form relaible manufacturers are made of safe material.

Are they safe for kids?

Despite not being toxic, some of them are still dangerous.

First of all, make sure that there is no lead in the paint used on the blocks. If you find any lead, don’t play with them.

Also, beware of Jenga blocks that have a smooth surface and are painted in a bright, shiny color.

These are often made of PVC and can leach toxic chemicals into the air when they’re being touched or played with.

To play it safe, look for Jenga blocks that are made of wood or painted with non-toxic paint.

You can also give your children plastic Jenga sets with wooden blocks inside.

5 Best Jenga Blocks

Factors to Consider:

There are many factors that go into choosing the right ones, so we’ve compiled some tips on what you should look for when shopping around.

  • Type of wood: Some people prefer bamboo because it is more eco-friendly, while others like traditional wooden blocks. What type of material do you want your Jenga blocks made out of?
  • How many players: If you’re playing with three or fewer people, then most sets will work just fine; however if there are more than three people, it’s best to get a larger set.
  • How many blocks: You want the number of blocks to be around 50, because then there will be enough for everyone and you won’t have to take turns stacking them up.

So when shopping for Jenga blocks make sure that they’re made from wood (or bamboo if that is your preference), has a total of about 50 pieces, and come in different colors so players can easily identify their own block. The game doesn’t last very long with these general guidelines!

Hasbro Gaming Jenga Game Wooden Blocks

Jenga is the original, and one of the most fun game you can play! All you need are the blocks included with this game, it’s family friendly (ages 6 and up), but also a great way to practice stacking skills.

No balance? No problem! Perfect some new techniques or test how long your solo-play skills last. You build Jenga so it can fall down – easy-peasy. Just put away when finished for an easier carry!

Comes in an easy “put away” tube-shaped package with a handle for carrying street to street, beach to beach, campfire to campfire…anywhere life takes us!.

Timber Tower Wood Block Stacking Game

Timber Tower Wood Block Stacking Game (48 Piece Classic Wooden Stacking Blocks) – Fun for all ages! The classic stack and crash game. Promotes friendship, communication and logic between players – helps hand-eye coordination and self-control.

Made of high quality wood, Timber Towers is the perfect addition to your child’s play date.

Adding some color to the stacking act, Timber Towers is there to be your new go-to game night partner! The high quality wood blocks are beautifully crafted so they stay together nicely and stack easily while promoting friendship, communication and logic between players.

Not only can it promote hand-eye coordination but also self-control with an adorable smiley sun or moon as your stacked finale. So put on that playlist of all those classic tunes from generations ago, uno card table in a corner near you because this wooden block stacking game will be a hit for years to come!

Jenga Classic Game

Time to put these sticks together and show your friends who’s boss! If you think this is a game for little kids, it’s time to step up the game. This isn’t just any block stacking game. Us adults know how to play with finesse and style. Challenge yourself in head-to-head combat or strategize during games with family or friends!

The Jenga Classic Game includes 54 hardwood blocks, a stacking sleeve with instructions, and simple gameplay which challenges players strategically as well as intellectually and physically in order to exert victory on their opponents through careful removal of bricks from the pile without causing its collapse (and humiliating their opponent).

Pidoko Kids Wooden Stacking Building Blocks

Pidoko kids stackable building blocks are made of the finest craftsmanship with premium quality wood. Reaching for a Pidoko Kids stacking block, there is much stimulation and dexterity to be found in the hand-eye coordination required for play.

The concept between one’s hands hiding or revealing various blocks from multiple children can promote cooperative thinking and logic as well as physical development.

With so many propped up stacks of bricks, this game is perfect for family fun and in no way short on entertainment features! Adding board games like these to other child-friendly homes not only adds charm but promotes imaginative interactions. Highly entertaining for 3 years old or older!

Coogam Wooden Blocks

These wooden stacking blocks will entertain and teach your child. They are tough, bright, and won’t cause accidental injury to the knuckles like plastic versions might. With six colors on each block and a storage bag for transport, this toy can help children learn their colors while building fine motor skills in an interactive manner!

These high-quality wood blocks are safe from breakage with decorative water-based paints that don’t fade or peel when exposed to sunlight or other harsh conditions. The blocks can be used for so much more than just stacking: they also provide kids hours of imaginative play time by creating buildings, roads, ramps…the sky’s the limit thanks to these Coogam Wooden Blocks!

5 Best Giant Jenga Blocks

Giant Jenga is the ultimate party game for any outdoor event. It can be played anywhere with a large open area and it’s a great way to get people together in one place. However, if you want your Giant Jenga blocks to be up to par with the rest of the competition, then you need to purchase some of these!

Giant Tumbling Timber Toy

You can take this classic game anywhere! These durable, buoyant blocks are perfect for playing in the house and commuting to an outdoor event.

Each giant wood puzzle block is made from FSC certified bamboo plywood that will last well through all your favorite childhood games. Each stretcher-shaped block has three sides so you’ll never be left looking aimlessly for a corner piece again and it comes with its own carry bag that includes two handles making it easy to transport.

The Giant Tumbling Timber toy is a floor game that can grow from being 2-feet all the way up to 4-feet high as you play. The blocks are made of 100% durable pine wood, so kids and adults can have endless fun together for years to come.

This set comes with 56 individual pieces for hours of one on one or group action. Grow up your creative and competitive drive early by giving this new awesome timber toy for the whole family!

All of these features make Giant Tumbling Timber Puzzle a great go-to toy for any gathering or party.

ApudArmis Giant Tumble Tower

The Giant Tumble Tower Set is the perfect way to have engaging, family time-taking fun while stacking a tower as tall as 18 rows when played. The games are creative and engaging with challenging obstacles for young minds in an ever growing world. This game is fantastic for memories or parties for those that are looking to create joy through learning and creativity!

There’s really no better way to spend your time with loved ones than creatively stacking away hours within this beautiful zippered case of 54 pieces Tumble Blocks, 1 pcs Dice set ready on the go at any moment’s notice. The quality wood blocks allow you to properly arrange them into stacks up to 4.2 feet high.

The Giant Tumble Tower Set is 54 pieces Wooden Blocks Games set, which is perfect for kids or adults to play. Each of the block stacks measure 6*2*1.3 In ; it can grow up to 4.2 FT tall tower when played by stacking blocks together at 2FT high starting out . It comes with a handy zippered quality carrying case and easy to clean up design.

GoSports Giant Wooden Toppling Tower

Maintaining a fun yet crude and large experience, the GoSports Giant Wooden Toppling Tower is available in “Driftwood” stained solid pinewood blocks to procure an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

At 2.5 feet tall, this set grows to over 5 feet during play giving a sense of accomplishment among friends or family members. Unlike many other towers that use low quality wood, our flat kiln dried pine boards are sanded by hand for maximum enjoyment; no splinters!

Calling all tabletop people: there’s just something about block crashing your buddies together as you watch them tumble down the tower like spinning tops rolling across a tablecloth.

The GoSports Giant Wooden Toppling Tower is perfect for kids and adults who want to have a new experience with their block tower. With 54 blocks, a carrying case, bonus rule board with dry erase rules for any occasion, and hand-sanded pine wood that has been kiln dried, this set will last you as long as your family!

TUAHOO Outdoor Games Giant Tumbling Timbers Tumble Tower Blocks

Tumbling Timbers is the new creative outdoor stacking game that challenges you to build a tower as tall as possible. Players take turns removing blocks and balancing them on top of the ones they just removed, creating an increasingly unstable structure as the game progresses.

Tumbling Timbers includes 54 block pieces and stands 2 feet high when set up properly; can grow up to 4 ft tall, depending on player’s skill level. The giant tumbler towers are easy to assemble using simple instructions: Stack all of the blocks in levels of three placed next to each other along their long sides and at right angles to previous levels until you have 18 rows.

With this nifty set-up, it’s easy for two people or more – one person taking turn after another – push over the tower.

Juegoal 54 Pieces Giant Tumble Tower Blocks

Have you always wanted to play Jenga but never knew how? Let us break it down for you. You stack up the tower and try not to make it tumble by removing a block at a time. If you can’t remove any bricks, then you just have an unstable tower that will crash down within seconds (sad face). 

The 54-piece set includes six marked blocks in different colors with printed numbers. This variety gives each gamer individualized color-coded markings, so they don’t need to rely on one person being designated the “marker!” Maybe we should rethink this whole picking skills thing.


The Jenga makers went through great effort to ensure that the woods used are non-toxic and safe for everyone to play with. Even though it is painted in bright colors now, only nontoxic paint materials were used on its blocks. The Alder wood keeps its natural quality because no chemical treatment was applied during production.

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