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Karate originated from ancient martial arts, and has been around for centuries. It was originally practiced by the samurai in feudal Japan as a way to protect themselves from enemies. Eventually it became a sport that people could enjoy without fear of injury or death. Today, karate is not only an excellent form of exercise, but also a very valuable tool for self-defense, teaching discipline and respect to those who practice it.

Karate is more than just a hobby to escape the daily grind. It’s a way of life and a discipline that can help us overcome our fears and become better people, as well as stay in shape! Not only does it teach self-defense, but also respect and discipline to those who practice it. Teaching these valuable skills through martial arts is something we should all consider doing whether we’re busy or not because the benefits are endless.

Karate as a Hobby

Benefits of Learning Karate

It’s a way of life and a discipline that can help us overcome our fears and become better people, as well as stay in shape. There are also many other benefits to learning karate such as:

Improved Mind-set

Karate training teaches students how to adopt an appropriate mind-set when faced with difficult or challenging situations, such as when an opponent attacks you, or when you make mistakes during practice. Therefore it is easier for them to adopt the right mind-set in “real life.”

Fitness & Body Awareness

Karate classes will push you harder than what you’d experience at the gym because there are new skills being taught each day. You’ll be encouraged by your instructor to always try to do better. Even if you feel like giving up, your instructor will motivate you in a positive way so you feel encouraged to push yourself harder each time. The mindset used for karate training is also carried over into “real life” when pushing yourself through difficult times are necessary, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator during lunch break at work or when studying for that big exam.

Improved Focus & Concentration

Martial arts teach students that they need to focus on one thing at a time and not multi-task. There is no time to daydream during class because there may be an important technique being demonstrated at any given moment! However it’s okay to think about techniques as you rest between rounds during sparring.

Physical Fitness & Self Defense

It’s obvious that practicing karate will help you become much more agile, strong and flexible in both mind and body. However it is also a very effective way to learn how to defend yourself in an unfortunate situation! Karate training not only teaches students how to use specific techniques to defend themselves, but also when the appropriate time is to implement these defensive moves. Every move in karate has its own purpose which can be used for self-defense or sport. One example would be practicing break falling skills which are vital when sparring with a partner who uses punches or kicks during training.

If any of these benefits sound appealing to you, you should definitely consider joining a local gym or dojo to learn more about karate.

Karate as a Hobby

If you feel like your busy schedule is preventing you from taking on the full-time commitment of learning karate, there is still hope! There are various organizations and establishments that hold classes well beyond regular gym hours such as:

  • After School Classes at the local Junior High
  • Evening Classes at the local YMCA
  • Saturday Classes Stretching well into the day

There are also many great online resources that will teach you karate via instructional videos or by reading books. If you’re interested in learning more about this martial art, just remember there’s no time like the present!

When working out, it is best to wear comfortable activewear and a good pair of sneakers. Karate is a rigorous workout so make sure you have no sharp jewelry on or anything else that may poke someone if you bump into them during sparring practice.

If you are a child who wants to learn martial arts, ask your parents whether they’re willing to drive you over to the nearest dojo after school on weekdays because many of these classes are held after hours for convenience sake!

7 Must-Have Karate Accessories

There are many things you need for karate including uniforms, sparring gear, gloves etc. In this article we will explore seven must have karate accessories worth investing in!


A uniform is worn by karate practitioners to be easily identified in competition and training. It also gives the sense of unity among practitioners, who sometimes wear the same style of uniform. The color of your uniform can indicate your belt level or your rank. For example, a black belt will typically wear a white gi whereas someone with a brown or red belt should wear a black gi.

There are many types of uniforms including cotton and polyester blend uniforms that range from $30-$50, not including belts which cost approximately $20 each. Belts come in various colors such as white, yellow, green, blue, brown and black while some belts may have stripes on them indicating a higher level.

Hawk Sports Karate Uniform for Kids & Adults

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The Hawk karate gi is designed for optimal mobility to accommodate low stances and high kicks, resistant to shrinkage with 8oz poly-cotton blend fabric. This bargain of a martial arts uniform has elastic waistband drawstring adjustable fit. Comes in various sizes, ideal for kids or adults!


A belt is worn to indicate rank. There are typically color variances in the belts ranging from white to black.

There are various types of Karate belts including cotton and polyester blend which range in price from $30-$50, not including belts which cost approximately $20 each. Belts come in various colors such as white, yellow, green, blue, brown and black while some belts may have stripes on them indicating a higher level.

Groin Protectors

Groin protectors are worn by the males to protect their groin from injury strikes. They can be made from soft foam to a hard shell material and should cover the entire area. The most common type of belt is a stretchy fabric design that straps around your waist and legs securely to make sure it stays in place during training. It’s important to get a groin protector especially if you plan on sparring with others, as someone might accidentally kick or knee you where it hurts! Most cost less than $20 which is definitely worth it for something that could potentially save you from serious pain.

Mouth Guards

A mouth guard is typically worn at the center top of your upper row of teeth your gum line. It protects your teeth against accidents that may occur during sparring or competition. They are usually worn by children or beginners but it’s always harder to get used to wearing them if you never have before. Mouth guards range from $3-$20 depending on the type of material, breathability and level of protection needed.

Hand Guards

If you plan on participating in contact sports, hand guards are important to invest in since they protect your hands from being injured when striking another opponent. The most common materials used for making these are vinyl, leather and foam padding. Gloves should fit well with no lots of extra space allowing them to slide around inside while coming in contact with another person. Most cost less than $10 which is definitely worth it for something that protects your hands from injury.

Chest Protectors

In karate, chest protectors are worn by the females to protect their breasts by covering them. In this way it can reduce the chance of breast cancer when practicing with partners who might not have good control over their strength and movement while sparring or group training. Most chest protectors cover a large area of the upper torso and have adjustable straps so you can tighten it for a closer fit. They cost around $15-$25 online which is definitely worth it if you need extra protection.

Foot Guards

Foot guards are made from a strong plastic that protects both sides of your feet from being injured when striking an opponent or receiving strikes during sparring or competition. These should be standard issue for any karate dojo because they can provide valuable protection against injuries that could easily be avoided. Foot guards cost about $5-$30 depending on what you need and where you buy them from.


Karate training is an excellent way to stay fit, learn how to defend yourself and become a better leader by inspiring others through your positive mindset. We hope you’ve found value in this article about what karate can do for you!

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