Playing Drums

Drumming is a fun and easy hobby for anyone. It doesn’t require any formal musical training and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Playing drums is also a great form of exercise- drummers tend to exhibit better coordination than most non-drummers, and the rhythmic beat that forms in your head when you’re drumming can help alleviate stress or anxiety. Whether you’re trying to find something new to do after work with friends, staying active in retirement, or just looking for some new tunes to add to your playlists, picking up the drums might be just what you need.

Drumming is an inexpensive hobby; there’s no need for expensive equipment if you don’t already own it (although it does make things easier). All that’s necessary are sticks, a practice pad, and drumsticks. Making your own drums can be an excellent way to save money- PVC piping, empty tubes of fabric softener (or even old socks), or other homemade materials could serve as cost-effective alternatives for this purpose.

Playing Drums as a Hobby

There are no formal requirements for learning how to play drums; lessons are great if you want them, but it’s not necessary to take any classes before getting started. Drums are very easy to learn using videos on the Internet, books at the library, or simply by playing along with some recordings until you get the hang of it. Even preschoolers can make music with their hands by banging on pots and pans!  

Getting involved in local groups can be a great way to learn more about drumming and find other people with similar interests. Some of the most popular groups are marching bands, which require a lot of stamina but can be rewarding for those who have it. Bands typically have limited space available, so call around and see what’s going on before coming out.

Drumming is a great group activity as well- whether you’re playing in a band or just listening to music, it’s easy to get hooked on this hobby that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Try taking lessons from a local musician or joining a band at school. The friendships developed over shared musical goals can last a lifetime! In addition to social benefits, drumming as a hobby has many mental health benefits as well. The rhythmic beat that forms in your head can help alleviate stress or anxiety, and it’s a great way to stay active as you age.

Making music is a release of energy that many people find satisfying. If drumming is something you want to try through taking lessons from an experienced drummer, playing along with your favorite songs, or even getting together with other musicians for a jam session, there are plenty of ways to get involved! You’ll quickly see why this hobby has been enjoyed by so many people- musicians and non-musicians alike- for hundreds of years.

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