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Popular Hobbies Starting with Letter F

Do you think hobbies are for people who don’t have anything else to do with their time, or for rich people who can afford to spend hours and hours of their day doing nothing but sitting around and playing video games all day long? If so, then this article is not for you.

But if you’re looking for some inspiration on how to find your own creative outlet without spending too much money, keep reading. We’ll show you what hobbies that start with the letter F are out there that won’t cost a lot of cash and will be lots of fun!

Fantasy Sports

It is a form of gaming that has its roots in baseball and American football but now encompasses virtually every sport imaginable. Players assemble teams from real-life athletes and compete based on their statistical performance in actual games.

A number of websites offer free online platforms to manage one’s team(s), or for a fee, provide more advanced features such as live game scoring, player news alerts, etc., while some also offer paid contests among members where prizes are awarded for victory.

The main types of fantasy sports include head-to-head challenges (such as MLB Beat the Streak) and league play (where participants join up with other players in a specific sport and compete with their league for a championship).

Fish Keeping

Keeping an aquarium of fish is a popular hobby where one takes care of the aquatic creatures as if they were pets. A tank or multiple tanks are filled with water and fitted either with little rocks on the bottom or pebbles, small plants, and corals as decoration.

A filter is then used to keep the water healthy by removing debris from the water as it circulates. In addition, some tanks include coral reefs that need to be maintained through careful monitoring of pH balance and lighting conditions.

Fish food must be provided every day depending on each species’ dietary requirements. If one cannot provide the right environment and nutrients for his fish, he will not be able to enjoy them for very long.


It is an outdoor sport where one or more people go out on a boat over the water and cast their fishing lines with lures at the end in order to catch fish.

One can either use rod-and-reel setups that consist of several meters of thick wire bent into an S shape with a handle that connects to another shorter wire or simply hold the line by hand.

To get the best results, it is important to know what kind of fish are usually found in whatever body of water one is fishing, which lures they like (or don’t like) to bite onto, and when they will be most likely found in shallow waters or deep waters.

Fly Tying

It is a form of fly fishing with the goal of creating lures that are most attractive to fish. It takes lots of patience, dexterity, and creative thinking to build good lures because it involves attaching different types of wings, tails, skirts, bead chains, eyes, etc., onto the hook in order to create one’s desired style.

A proper setup is also crucial for this activity not only to make it easier on oneself physically but also to achieve better results. One must choose the right threading tool for his job as well as select appropriate tying vices that are fixed into workbenches or tables to help with stabilizing the lure while doing work.

Flying Model Planes

This hobby is one where people create and fly all kinds of miniature planes. The most common version, RC (remote control) aircraft, involves the use of a handheld controller that can send signals through radio waves to an onboard receiver attached to the plane.

The controls react in different ways depending on which part of the plane has been moved; for example, moving the control stick up and down sends different signals than moving it left and right or diagonally due to how wings’ movements work.

Flying model planes requires one to be very familiar with how these devices work because even slight changes in movement can alter the way other components such as motors perform, which could cause problems once they get off the ground.

Furniture Building

Many people enjoy giving their homes a fresh new look by decorating the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, or any other space in different ways.

To do so, individuals acquire furniture that suits their tastes and then put everything together themselves to create comfortable spaces they can relax in surrounded by items that no one else has. Everyone has unique ideas about what works best for them when it comes to furniture designs and styles.


The activity of foraging involves going into the natural environment with the goal of collecting usable plant and animal ingredients that can be eaten or otherwise used as material for crafts and sustenance. Some examples include picking berries off bushes and trees, gathering mushrooms found on the forest floor, and catching fish in rivers.

Another popular version of foraging is gourmet cooking where one dives headfirst into eating many different species of mushrooms, roots, leaves, flowers, or meats he has collected himself.


Making movies is a creative activity that involves writing screenplays and screenplays to tell stories with the use of special effects and interactions between characters using settings and objects as props. It takes lots of time to work on cutting each part just right before adding music, mixing soundtracks together to create the perfect mood, and much more.


This sport is one where two people fight against each other with long flexible blades known as rapiers (or epees ) wearing protective gear and carrying electronic scoring equipment.

The goal of this game is to score points by landing blows on the other player’s target areas (namely, their torso and head) while maintaining one’s own defense.

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