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Popular Hobbies Starting with Letter Q

What’s your favorite hobby? Popular hobbies include painting, cooking, gardening, and taking photos. Some people may enjoy crocheting or knitting. For some, it might be playing an instrument such as drums or a violin. What about you? Do you have a hobby that brings you joy? If not then maybe it is time to find one!

In this blog post, we will introduce some hobbies that start with the letter Q.


Quilting is the craft of creating a quilt. Quilts are made of two layers, one on top of the other, and then the edges are sewn together to make them into one piece. The pieces are then either stitched together or tied using yarn or string.

The word “quilt” comes from “knot” because knots were used in the past instead of tying strings. Nowadays, many people use strings so that they can tie it more tightly rather than just sewing them together.

Some common materials used to make quilts are cotton fabric, wool fabric,and silk. These fabrics come in different colors and patterns which may be appealing to some people when making their own quilt. Some quilts are made with only one color fabric but others may be colorful and bright which can make the process of making a quilt more fun!

Quilting is also sometimes used as an art form because many people like to express themselves through their quilt by deciding what colors to use, how bright they want it to be, etc.


The art or craft of rolling paper into various shapes and using this paper to create three-dimensional objects is called “quilling” (also known as “paper filigree”). Quilling dates back to the 17th century when it was used to make quilled jewelry.

The paper is rolled into different shapes and then made into various designs. People can also use glue or paint on it to decorate their design with even more colors. Some people may enjoy making the shape of flowers, while others may enjoy creating different patterns or designs with their paper!

Many people incorporate quilling in other forms of art such as drawing, painting, or sculpture because they are able to make unique objects with this craft which can be interesting to look at. It is not only for decoration but also functional because many artists have used quilling in their works by attaching items like keys onto paintings so that viewers could hang them up without having to worry about holes being drilled into the wall.

Quilling is not only a hobby but it can also be used as an art form for both decoration and functional purposes! Have fun quilling!

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