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Popular Hobbies Starting with Letter V

We’ve all had dreams of doing something other than what we do for a living. And while some people get to pursue their passions in life, others don’t have the opportunity–or the courage. But it turns out that you can actually find hobbies and careers that allow you to be creative and work on your passion!

There are many different things we could talk about here: video games, virtual reality, videography, or volunteering (to name just a few).

Video editing

We’ll start with one of my favorites: video editing. Video editing is like playing with Lego without having to build anything from scratch; instead, you use time-tested blocks and combine them together in new ways.

Nowadays there’s even software that can make edits automatically based on what’s happening in the footage, which makes the process even easier. College might be a good place to start; many schools offer courses on video editing (or you could find tutorials online).


Another great way to use your creativity is through sports. Volleyball is another one of my favorites because it’s an extremely versatile sport; you can play with friends or join a league to compete at a high level.

The equipment needed for volleyball isn’t expensive, so why not give it a try? You’ll get exercise and have fun while doing something worthwhile!

Virtual Reality

Do any of these look interesting? Then why not try them? To me, the most important thing about these hobbies is that you’re doing something creative and trying new things. You may not enjoy one of them, but there’s only one way to find out: try it!

If you prefer playing on your own instead of competing against others, there are plenty of virtual reality games available. For example, some games allow players to explore their surroundings or go spelunking–plus many multiplayer online games are completely free!

Video Games

Playing video games is a great way to unwind and relax–and it turns out that there’s even an entire industry surrounding them! If you’re good at video games, you could become a professional gamer.

Gaming tournaments can be extremely lucrative; for example, an esports team called Cloud9 won over $10 million in prizes during the first year they competed!


Volunteering is a great way to utilize your creative talents and give back. You can volunteer in a variety of ways, from helping at a homeless shelter to designing websites for non-profit organizations.

When you volunteer, you’re giving back to your community and making a difference in someone’s life. You’ll build skills that will help you succeed in your career and have the opportunity to explore avenues that may not be available to you at work.

Volunteering offers opportunities for growth, new experiences, and social interaction. You can take on leadership roles and use your skills to make a positive impact on the world around you.

After Thoughts

These hobbies can also lead to some pretty cool careers. Video games, virtual reality, and videography are all extremely popular right now; they offer a wide range of jobs and opportunities. I’m sure we’ll see the job market grow even more as technology advances (such as artificial intelligence).

The most important thing is to keep learning! That’s how we make our dreams come true: by learning and trying new things until we succeed. Good luck with these or other interests! And don’t forget your career isn’t everything.

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