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Raising a Pet

People often think of pets as a responsibility and not an enjoyable hobby. However, there are so many benefits to owning a pet! Studies have shown that people who own pets live longer than those who don’t, they can lower your stress levels and help you get over illnesses quicker. They offer emotional support and unconditional love when we need it the most.

Benefits of Owning a Pet

Owning a pet is such a rewarding experience that no one should miss out on! Let’s explore why pet ownership is such a rewarding experience!

Pets provide emotional support   

Raising a Pet as a Hobby

Pets are not like people, they don’t judge us or criticize us. They love us for who we are and will be there to give us a pat on the back and tell us we’re doing a great job. They can be your emotional support when no one seems to understand what you’re going through.

They offer unconditional love

We all need someone who loves us unconditionally and pets are always up for giving you some extra love! Studies have shown that people are healthier when they have unconditional love from people or pets around them.

They lower your stress levels

Stress is a dangerous thing, especially if it builds up over time. Pets are proven to lower our stress levels and reduce the amount of cortisol (stress hormone) that we release into our bodies. The more relaxed you feel, the healthier you will be!

They can help you get over a cold or illness faster

Studies have shown that when we’re sick, having a pet around to take care of will make us feel better and recover from our illness more quickly. This is probably because they give us unconditional love and being loved unconditionally makes us happy, which boosts our immune system.

People with pets live longer

Pets give us unconditional love that makes us happier. Happier people live longer lives because they are healthier, have fewer stress related problems, and they don’t feel as much pain.

Tips on Raising a Pet for Beginners

People who raise a pet for the first time sometime feel overwhelmed because they’re not exactly sure what to do. If you’re considering raising a pet, but are unsure of where to start, read our tips below!

Find out if you have enough time and money

Before getting any pet, make sure that you have enough time for them! It’s not fair to your pet if you don’t have enough time for them, because they feel alone and unloved.

Pets need food and will usually need additional things like toys and grooming items, so make sure that you can afford all of these things before getting a pet!

You’ve decided that owning a pet is something that interests you. You might be surprised by how much effort it takes to care for one though. Make sure that you can afford all of the food and things they’ll need before actually making the purchase.

Think about where you want the pet to sleep

Most pets, such as dogs and cats, like to sleep with their owners or at least close by. If you’re uncomfortable with this idea (like if you snore), then it might be worth considering another type of animal.

Do some research on what needs looking after in your area

Be aware of whether there are any large animals around such as cattle. In some states, you may need a permit before getting a pet. And make sure to check local laws about animals, because there are always different rules in different places!

Make sure that they’re allowed where you live

There are many types of pets out there, but not all of them are allowed everywhere! Some people get very upset when their neighbors get unexpected new animal running around nearby, so make sure that you check out local laws before getting a pet!

Be prepared to take care of them yourself

While there are some people who can afford to hire someone to care for their pets, most people have to do all of the work themselves. Be aware that it takes a lot of time and effort to properly care for an animal.

Do research on what kind of food they’d need

Most animals will eat meat or vegetables, but not all kinds of animals eat the same thing! If you’re considering buying an exotic pet, then be sure that you know how much it costs for food before actually making the purchase. And if your animal eats meat, then be aware that this means it’s going to cost more in the long run because meat is more expensive than vegetables.

Make sure you know how to clean up after them!

Having a pet around can be very messy. It’s not their fault, but they’ll leave hair everywhere and might make a mess in the house if they get mad or stressed. Make sure that you’re okay with this and prepare for it! It’ll probably take some time getting used to, like anything else in life.

If you’ve got all of this down, then congratulations! You are officially prepared to raise your new pet ๐Ÿ™‚

Types of Pets You Can Raise

There are so many different kinds of pets you could choose from that will fit your lifestyle! Let’s explore the different types of pets people can get.

  • Cats – Social creatures that like to play and cuddle with their owners. They are often found sleeping in high places, hence the nickname “the man on the roof.” Their playful nature makes them fun to watch, but they can be more difficult to train than other animals!
  • Dogs – Smart and loving pets that like nothing better than spending time with you. They show lots of affection to humans by licking their faces (and sometimes drowning us when it’s bath time). Dogs can also be trained easily.
  • Fish – Often called the easiest pet ever, fish are low maintenance and come in a variety of shapes and colors. Many people put fish tanks in their homes just for decoration purposes because they’re so pretty. Unfortunately, fish live very short lives and many people don’t like the idea of owning something they know is going to die.
  • Rodents – Small animals with lots of energy are rodents! They have poor eyesight but an excellent sense of smell which makes them fun pets that you can watch explore your home. You can teach them not to chew on furniture or wires by giving them toys to play with instead!
  • Rabbit – A relatively new addition to households everywhere, rabbits are more difficult than rodents to train because they’re social creatures.


Owning a pet can be such a rewarding experience! There are so many kinds of pets that will fit into your lifestyle. If you would like emotional support and unconditional love, a cat or dog might be best for you!

If you want something low maintenance, a fish tank could be right up your alley. If you’d rather have an energetic rodent as a pet, try out mice or hamsters!

Owning a pet can give you all of those warm fuzzies that comes with being a pet parent!

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