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10 Social Hobbies for Making Friends

Hobbies are one of the most effective ways to make friends. Everyone has a hobby, and chances are that someone you meet will share your interest. Hobbies can be a great way to break the ice with someone new, or deepen an existing friendship. Hobbies also provide us with opportunities for self-expression and creativity. Most hobbies require some level of commitment over time which creates a sense of belonging among the members who participate in them together regularly. In this article I’ll mention popular hobbies that can help you find new friends.

Social Hobbies for Making Friends


Dancing is not only fun but it’s a fantastic workout as well! It’s a wonderful activity for all ages. Whether you like to line dance, swing dance, disco dance or ballroom dance there are clubs all over Canada for you to join!  

Social dancing groups provide a great atmosphere to meet people with similar interests and learn new skills while having fun doing it.

Running Clubs

Like dancing running is a fantastic way to stay in shape. Running clubs offer camaraderie among members since they’re likely doing the same activity at the same time every week. These clubs are perfect for those who want to have some company when working out or just love being outdoors.

Most runners even call themselves ‘runners’ because that’s what everyone does together– runs!  Joining a running club can be as easy as finding an existing one in your area and asking to join. Many clubs will be happy to have a few more members!

Book Clubs

Book clubs are a great way to meet people with similar reading interests. Since most book clubs tend to read high-quality non-fiction books or enjoyable fiction, you’ll find yourself learning new things as well as forging friendships.

Most book clubs allow non-members to attend as guests so it’s easy enough to try out different meeting spots until you find one that suits your needs.

Choir or Music Club

People who love music thrive in music clubs where they can perform together. Whether you’re a singer , musician , dancer or just appreciate live performances these types of groups provide a chance for all forms of creativity and self-expression.

A music club will help you enjour your weekends and make some great friends as well! 

Team Sports

Sports leagues are everywhere! From kickball to tennis there is a game for everyone, and many groups even offer both competitive and recreational leagues depending on what you’re looking for. Team sports provide an excellent chance to meet people who share your interests in addition to learning new skills . Even something as simple as getting together for pick-up games is enough reason to join an existing league or start one of your own!  

If team sports aren’t what you’ve got in mind most cities also have informal group sport networks too like Bike Polo , Frisbee , Ultimate Frisbee , etc. that work well with newcomers just starting out. Just search Facebook or Meetup. under ‘sports’ + the name of your city or town.

Amateur Theatre

Have you ever wanted to try acting? Or are you already involved in theater but looking for an opportunity to perform outside of a school play?  Amateur theatre groups provide great opportunities for individuals who want to work on their craft together with others.

These groups are also known as ‘community theatres’ and typically aren’t exclusive at all if that’s what you’re worried about. Anyone willing to learn can join! It would be easy enough to find one in your local area by searching Facebook or Meetup under the name of your city or town plus ‘theater’.


Volunteering is another great way to make friends. Whether it’s through a formal organization or simply helping out at your local animal shelter, there are opportunities for everyone! Volunteering with a group is also a fantastic way to learn new skills and see the world from a different perspective.

If volunteering isn’t what you’re looking for don’t worry – most cities have ‘volunteer matching services’ too so you can find the perfect opportunity for yourself.

Cooking Classes

Many people love cooking but not everyone has the skills or the time to cook for themselves after a long day at work. Cooking classes provide an opportunity for individuals who want to improve their culinary repertoire while having fun and learning new things with others.

Again, these types of groups are usually informal and easy enough to start by simply finding ones in your area through local Facebook pages or

Dog Walk Meetups

If you’ve got a dog, then starting up a meetup group is an excellent way to make friends! These groups are perfect if you’re looking for dog lovers in your area that like to go on walks together or just share stories about your furry friend.

There’s no better way to bond with someone than by finding common interests and who doesn’t love dogs?

Group Hiking Tours

People who love nature and being outdoors will appreciate joining hiking tours in their area. In addition to making friends, they’re also great ways to explore your surroundings whether it’s seeing historic sites or learning about edible plants along the trail.

Again it’d be easy enough to start this type of club by simply finding others in your area that share your interest and setting up a time/place.

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