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14 Best Hobbies for College Students

Hobbies are a great way to relax after a long day of classes, but they’re also important for your mental health. Hobbies can help you maintain an active mind and healthy body, which will make it easier to focus on your school work. Finding the right hobby is different for everyone-here are 14 hobbies that may be perfect for you!

Best Hobbies for College Students


Reading is an amazing hobby that requires little equipment and no prior experience! All you need is a book, some time to read it and your favorite blanket to curl up with while you’re doing so.

There are also plenty of fun variations of this classic pastime, like reading plays or blogs about current events. It will help you more if you choose to read books related to your major subject.

Website Design

If you want to take your creativity in a very different direction, consider designing your own website! It’s actually easier than it sounds-there are websites that allow users to make their own sites without knowing any code whatsoever.

These services offer drag-and-drop modules and pre-made designs so anyone can build the site they’ve always dreamed about. Even better, website hosting is cheap or even free for basic plans, and there are resources available where you can learn more about web development if you want to delve deeper into coding later on.

It will help you more if you choose to design your own site for others to see (and maybe even make money off of) at least once per week.


Getting in the habit of drawing every day is an excellent way to build up your skills, and it’ll give you something fun to do in your free time! Although there are tons of different types of art, sketching pencil drawings or quick, loose ink sketches can be relaxing and rewarding.

While working on a larger project is fun and fulfilling, it’s important to take time out each day for quick sketches and practice work. Short daily sessions will help improve your skills much faster than infrequent marathon drawing sessions do.

You need not have any special equipment; all it takes is a pencil (and maybe some paper) to get started!

Playing the guitar

If you love listening to music, you can also benefit from learning an instrument. Playing the guitar is a great hobby for college students because it’s not too difficult to learn without previous experience and it doesn’t take up much time outside class, so you’ll be able to focus on your schoolwork when necessary.

Once you’ve mastered “Three Blind Mice” or learned all of your favorite songs by ear, try writing your own original tunes! It will help you more if you choose to play the guitar.


Volunteering is another stress-relieving hobby that can improve your mental health in college. Not only does volunteering make the world a better place, but it also boosts your social skills and helps you feel accomplished. Performing five hours of community service each week is easy to fit into your schedule.

It will help you more if you choose to volunteer regularly at an organization that interests you.


There are few things as relaxing as baking with friends or family! Start small by experimenting with cookies or other simple desserts until you master the classic recipes handed down from generation to generation. It’s key to have several tried-and-true recipes in your arsenal before taking on larger projects like cakes and pies.

If there’s an area of expertise that runs in your family, try learning their tricks of the trade! You may even be able to turn a hobby into a paying side hustle if you start to get really good at it.

It will help you more if you choose to bake bread.


All writing is good writing, so pick up that pen or open your computer program and just start typing! Even journaling can be therapeutic-there’s no wrong way to write as long as you’re putting your thoughts onto the page.

Don’t worry about structure at first; all types of writing are useful for stress relief, so experiment with poems or blog posts until you find the format that works best for you. It will help you more if you choose creative writing with broad topics like sci-fi or fantasy novels.


When you’re short on time but still want to get some exercise, try jogging! Running is an excellent aerobic exercise that tones the body and works out the cardiovascular system. It’s also good for your mental health-running can reduce stress hormones like cortisol in your body, so it’s a great way to blow off steam when you feel overwhelmed.

It will help you more if you choose to run at least two or three times each week.


Knitting and crochet are both very rewarding hobbies because they allow you to produce practical items while helping relieve stress. Although knitting is typically associated with sweaters and other garments, there are lots of easy craft projects that don’t require complicated stitches or rigid patterns.

Crocheting is a similar but different technique, so don’t be afraid to jump into the world of yarn crafts even if you’ve never tried it before!


If you’re looking for a hobby that will keep your mind sharp as well as provide stress relief, consider puzzles. Puzzles can help improve cognition by exercising both your memory and problem-solving skills. Many types of puzzles are available too, from traditional jigsaw puzzles to interesting logic games.

Pen pals

If you want a creative way to practice writing regularly, consider pen pal correspondence! There are many online resources where people post messages seeking other writers to exchange letters with. You can look at their profile bios and choose someone whose interests seem compatible with yours so you can write about similar topics.

It will help you more if you choose to look for a pen pal in another country or continent.


Basketball is a fun, social way to stay active and relieve stress. You don’t need any equipment to play except for a ball, so it’s perfect for college students who are broke but still want to have fun. Even if you have no interest in professional sports, pick-up games are an excellent way to meet your neighbors or just enjoy the outdoors with friends.

It will help you more if you choose to start playing competitive pick-up games at least once per week.

Mobile App Development

Are you a tech whiz with an eye for creativity? Consider mobile app development! Mobile apps are every bit as useful and creative as websites, if not more so. People use them in practically every aspect of their lives, from shopping to entertainment to travel planning to communicating with their friends.

There are plenty of resources available where users can learn how to make apps, including some specific to certain mobile platforms like Android or iOS. There are even places where you can offer your app designs for sale if you happen to be great at it!

It will help you more if you choose to use some resources and develop a mobile application of your own at least once per week.

Video Games

Video games are another great hobby that allows you to have fun while staying competitively challenged at the same time! There are many options available depending on your preferred game style (first person shooter, simulation, casual, etc.). Most titles even offer online multiplayer modes so you can connect with friends for an extra level of engagement.

It will help you more if you choose to start playing competitively against other people at least once per week.


This article has suggested ten hobbies for college students to consider. These range from practical activities like knitting and solving puzzles, to fun social games like basketball and pen pal correspondence. If you want a hobby that can help you thrive in college and beyond, look no further than these fantastic choices!

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