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15 Best Hobbies For Extroverts

Extroverts are outgoing people who enjoy being with other people. Extroverts have a tendency to be more comfortable in social situations and often crave the company of others. They often express a need to communicate with others and find themselves more energized by interactions with individuals. Extroverts have been proven to have many positive effects on society, but they also have their limitations which can leave them feeling drained from time to time. In an effort not to get too ahead of ourselves, here are some hobbies that will help you feel less lonely when you’re at home alone! 


Best Hobbies For Extroverts

Volunteering is  a sure way to ensure you have less time to feel lonely because it involves being with others full-time and making a difference for those who need it most. Volunteering is one of the best ways someone can express their desire to help improve other people’s lives and will certainly give them something worthwhile to be proud about! It isn’t always easy, but there are plenty of opportunities out there that should be just right for an extrovert such as yourself.


Dancing is another great hobby for an extrovert who wants to spend time alone while still enjoying themselves. Dancing can take place virtually anywhere including public places or even in your own home if dancing by yourself suits you better. There are countless types of dance styles available for anybody and everybody to try which means you will be sure to find something that fits your fancy. Just make sure you are comfortable with the idea of dancing by yourself before trying it out in public.


Chess is a classic favorite for extroverts who want to spend time alone but still enjoy themselves. Chess can be played with an opponent or against oneself depending on your mood, and there are plenty of tutorials available online that will help show you everything you need to know about how it works! You may not have anybody else around when playing chess, but all the same chess is a fantastic way for an extrovert to keep their mind sharp while enjoying themselves at the same time! 


Fencing is another fun hobby that can provide hours upon hours worth of enjoyment for an extrovert. Fencing can be done virtually anywhere at any time which means you only have to take the fencing gear with you when you want to engage in some exercise. There are also plenty of options available for those who just want to learn the basics, but it’s important that if you do decide on this hobby make sure it is something you will actually enjoy before fully committing to making it a long-term thing.

Join workshops

Join workshops is yet another great opportunity for an extrovert who wants to avoid spending too much time alone. Workshops provide many benefits including increased knowledge, skills, and abilities all while allowing participants to meet new people! It isn’t very hard these days to find out about upcoming workshops in your area, and if you are worried about how to fit it into your busy schedule then worry not because most workshops are only one day long!

Traditional gaming

Traditional gaming is a fantastic way for an extrovert to spend time alone but still enjoy themselves. There are many variations of traditional gaming available with some popular options including card games, board games, strategic tabletop warfare, tactical tabletop warfare, and more! Just make sure that if you do decide on this hobby that you don’t make yourself too vulnerable by choosing a very socially oriented game as these can be difficult for introverts to play properly. 

HAM Radio Operation

HAM Radio Operation is a social hobby that is a great option for those who want to enjoy conversation while spending time alone. While operating a HAM radio you will be able to talk to literally anybody in the world and inspire conversation with people from all walks of life! It is important that you ask somebody who already enjoys this hobby for help when starting out as it can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing, but once mastered it makes a fantastic source of entertainment. 

Martial arts

Martial arts is another great activity for extroverts who want to spend time alone but still enjoy themselves. Martial arts vary depending on where you live and what style appeals most to you, and there are always new things to learn regardless of how many years experience one has. Just make sure not become too dependent upon martial arts as a way of fulfilling your social needs because like any art form they require a fair bit of maintenance and practice to be good at.


Darts is a low-cost hobby that can provide hours and hours worth of fun for an extrovert with the right mindset. Darts can also easily be enjoyed by oneself or played with friends, and there are many variations available depending on your skill level. If you want to fully commit to this hobby it will require continuous effort so make sure you are willing to put in the work before trying it out.


Bowling is another inexpensive pastime that provides plenty of entertainment value for an extrovert who wants to enjoy themselves alone. Bowling requires little equipment, but even if you do have everything invested in bowling it still costs less then most other solo hobbies available. Bowling also provides a great opportunity to meet new friends since most people who bowl are more then willing to help out if they see you struggling with anything.


Gardening is the hobby for any extrovert who wants to relax and enjoy themselves without having to do too much work. While gardening does require some preparation, it is important that an extrovert not let this scare them away from starting because there are many types of gardening available for all levels of expertise! The best part about gardening is that since it can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors at your leisure it makes for a fantastic way to spend even the shortest time alone.

R/C Piloting

R/C Piloting is yet another hobby that can provide hours upon hours worth of fun for an introvert who wants to enjoy themselves alone. R/C pilots are often happy to help newbies get started with the hobby, and after mastering flight you can even start adding other people into the mix for exciting multi-player battles!


Traveling is a fantastic way for an extrovert to spend time alone but still enjoy themselves. You can meet all kinds of new people simply by traveling around your city or town, and if you want something more then that there are plenty of options available to travel further afield! Extroverts may find it difficult at first because most people who travel tend to be introverts, but this shouldn’t stop you from giving it a go as many extroverts found it rewarding once they got started.


It is important that an extrovert not let their introversion impact their ability to enjoy themselves in their free time, which is why hobbies like Skateboarding are fantastic.

Skateboards are cheap and easy enough to use that you can even practice at home when no one else is around!

Rock Climbing

As with Fencing, Rock Climbing can provide a great way for an introvert to exercise their social muscles while spending time alone. Rock climbing provides a fantastic opportunity for exercise combined with social interaction from other climbers who want to know what you’re all about! While rock climbing it’s important that any extroverted individual try not to over exert themselves as this will make them more likely to feel exhausted afterwards.


A hobby can be anything that makes you feel like you are living even if the act of doing it alone. If you want to be happy then make sure to do something, anything! There is nothing wrong with enjoying yourself no matter what others may thing of your hobbies or interests because life is too short not to enjoy yourself. So pick one of these hobbies or pick one of your own choosing and go out there and have some fun!

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