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20 Best Hobbies for Kids

This article is for parents wondering what to do with their kids on a rainy day, or after school when they are bored. It’s also for parents who want to help develop skills in creativity and independence. The 20 hobbies listed here are all fun ways to keep your kids busy! From crafts to sports, this list has it all.

20 Best Hobbies for Kids

Hobbies are a great way for children to be active, socialize with others, and express themselves. They can help children develop important skills like teamwork, problem-solving, creativity and independence. The 20 hobbies listed here are all fun ways to keep your kids busy! From crafts to sports, this list has it all.

Learn about the 20 best hobbies for children:


Best Hobbies for Kids

Painting provides kids with an opportunity to express themselves creatively through painting whatever they feel like at that moment. They can paint anything from flowers and animals, sunsets and landscapes, abstractions of color or designs made up of lines and shapes. When you paint together as a family you not only create something beautiful but memories that will last a lifetime.


We all know reading is important for academic success, but did you know it can also be fun? Reading to your kids at night not only creates memories and cuddles, but makes children more confident when beginning to read on their own. If you don’t have time to sit down and read, try visiting the library or listening to audiobooks together in the car. You will be amazed by how much your child can learn!


Whether your child would rather dance around the house singing into a hairbrush, or play an instrument like drums or piano, music provides wonderful opportunities for physical activity while igniting the imagination. It doesn’t even need to cost money; free music is available online, or you can download karaoke songs from Amazon to use with a computer microphone.

Martial Arts

Getting kids active and healthy early on sets them up for a lifetime of health. Martial arts classes provide opportunities for physical activity as well as mental development through developing focus and discipline.


If your child is interested in dinosaurs and fossils they will love learning about Archaeology! Visiting museums can provide opportunities for educational fun while exploring natural history. If you have a backyard or live near a beach, teach your kids about the types of fossils found where you live and how sedimentary rocks are formed. You can even get creative by turning it into a scavenger hunt, with clues written on small rock notes you bury all over the yard!

The first one to find all the clues and hunt down the fossils gets a prize.

Board Games

Providing your kids with board games that encourage socialization, thinking, strategy and luck are great ways to develop problem-solving abilities, teach sportsmanship and work ethic. And don’t forget card games! They’re not just for rainy days; getting together with friends or family for game night can provide opportunities to connect both socially and emotionally through competition.

Nature Journaling

Getting outside is important for physical activity, but it’s also important to learn about the natural wonders surrounding us! Nature journaling lets children record their observations of insects, flowers, trees or anything else they would like. Your kids can rely on their journals to remember plants, animals or even specific bird calls that they see. Nature journaling is a great way for children to practice writing and developing observational skills through drawing or recording what they see with photographs.


Getting your child active early on sets them up for a lifetime of health benefits including increased cardiovascular endurance, coordination, strength and muscle tone. There are many different sports suited to a variety of ages and abilities so getting involved in one your kids will enjoy is easy. Whether it’s coming alongside them to coach their soccer team or choosing an activity like swimming, martial arts or gymnastics that cultivate the individual strengths and passions for each child, they will be sure to benefit from spending time with you on the field.


Tapestry is a fun hobby that can last your child’s whole life through! The best part of tapestry is the freedom to create whatever you want. You can replicate art or scenes from movies, turn photographs into works of art or start something completely new. Tapestry is also a great way to connect with your kids by sharing your own interests and helping them take their ideas from concept to finished work.

Collecting Comic Books

Whether you’re into superheroes or space aliens, comic books are an accessible hobby for people all ages! New comic books come out every week so there’s always something fresh to look forward to while teens will enjoy collecting comics as an investment.

Collecting Coins

Spending time collecting coins encourages kids to learn about history, geography and math. Whether your kids decide to do research online or visit museums, they are sure to have fun exploring the different coin types that have been produced throughout time!

Collecting Toys or Dolls

Playing with dolls can be a great way for girls to express their nurturing side. They’re also great tools for children who are learning how to communicate feelings through play. Toys are no different; they help teach social skills, logical thinking and creativity.

Depending on what kind of toys your child is interested in playing with there are many opportunities for open-ended play which teaches them problem-solving abilities as well as setting up stories using their imagination!

Animal Care

Working with animals is a great way to develop patience, learn responsibility and how to care for living things. Whether your kids decide to raise chickens, volunteer at the zoo or help you with the family pet, they will be developing useful skills that can last them their whole life!


Help your children make the world a better place for us all by teaching them about recycling. Find out what sorts of materials can be recycled in your area and encourage your kids to participate! Not only is recycling a fun way to be helpful, it also helps drive up positive community involvement which is always a good thing.

Organic Farming

If you have a garden at home it’s an easy way to introduce your kids to Organic Farming from the get-go. If they enjoy spending time in your garden, consider expanding their knowledge by getting involved with a community farm near you! Not only will they learn about science and biology but also about how to make healthy food choices for themselves!


Origami is the perfect hobby for kids who love creating things using their hands. Whether it’s starting with easy shapes like hearts or stars or challenging themselves with more complicated objects like boats or frogs, origami can help them develop fine dexterity while also enjoying an exciting creative outlet!

Handprint Crafts 

Crafts are always fun ways to spend quality time together as a family, but handprint crafts take things up a notch the final product is so unique! From creating animal shapes to holiday figures, this is a fun activity that can be used all year round.


If your child is interested in woodworking it’s easy to develop their skills by taking on simple projects together at home! Woodworking is not only great for developing patience and fine motor skills but also gives them an opportunity to express themselves creatively through building whatever they imagine!

Play Video Games

From Minecraft to Fortnite, there are plenty of video games out there that can help develop new skills in children! Whether they want to play online with their friends or learn how to navigate tricky obstacles each game is unique and will give them something different to think about.

Rock Tumbling

Teaching your kids about geology is easy with a rock tumbling kit. They can collect rocks from their own backyard and learn how to polish them into beautiful gemstones! Rock tumbling is not only educational but it’s also a fun way for your kids to develop an appreciation of the natural beauty that surrounds us all.

Benefits of Hobbies for Kids

It’s no secret that kids today are under a lot of pressure. They’re expected to excel in school, make friends, and participate in extracurricular activities, all while trying to figure out who they are and what they want to be when they grow up. It can be a lot for a young person to handle! Luckily, there are ways to help ease the stress of growing up, and one of them is through hobbies. Keep reading to learn about some of the benefits of hobbies for kids.

Hobbies Help Kids Develop Important Skills

One of the benefits of hobbies for kids is that they can help youngsters develop important skills and talents. For example, playing chess can improve problem-solving abilities, knitting can foster creativity and concentration, and cooking can teach kids about budgeting and nutrition. By encouraging your child to pursue a hobby that interests them, you’re giving them the opportunity to develop skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Hobbies Can Enhance Academic Performance

Believe it or not, there’s a link between hobbies and academic performance. Studies have shown that kids who have hobbies outside of school tend to do better academically than those who don’t. That’s because hobbies provide a welcome break from the rigors of schoolwork and give kids a chance to relax and recharge. When they return to the classroom refreshed and relaxed, they’re able to better focus on their studies and retain information more effectively. So if you’re looking for a way to give your child’s grades a boost, encourage them to pick up a hobby!

Hobbies Can Foster A Sense of Accomplishment

For kids, it’s not always easy to feel accomplished. Adults often have the opportunity to achieve professional successes that provide a sense of pride and satisfaction, but children generally don’t have access to those same kinds of experiences. Hobbies provide an outlet for children to test their abilities and see what they’re capable of accomplishing. Whether it’s mastering a new knitting stitch or finishing a difficult jigsaw puzzle, every success your child enjoys through their hobby will add to their sense of self-worth and increase their confidence. 


Hobbies are a great way for kids to express themselves! Whether they’re into music, sports or art, hobbies provide them with an opportunity to be active and socialize with others. Hobbies also help teach life skills like teamwork, problem solving and creativity. From coin collecting to woodworking there is no limit to the possibilities available with hobbies so get creative!

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