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10 Best Hobbies For Successful Businessmen and Entrepreneurs

A lot of people are entrepreneurs these days, but not everyone has the same skills to succeed in business. Some have more natural talent or experience than others, but if you want to be successful then there are certain things that all entrepreneurs need. The first one is a healthy mind and body. If you’re constantly stressed out about work it’s going to take a toll on your physical health as well as your mental state. That means finding time for hobbies can help you stay happy, productive and relaxed so that when it comes time for business again you’ll be ready to go 100%.

Best Hobbies For Successful Businessmen and Entrepreneurs

Here are 10 great hobbies for successful businessmen and entrepreneurs:

Playing video games

Playing video games is the most popular hobby among successful businessmen and entrepreneurs because it’s one of the best activities to help you relax.

Gamers know that getting stuck in a game can be so powerful that you often lose track of time, which means all your stress just melts away as you relax into an engrossing story or world. Plus, there are so many genres to choose from now that any gamer will find something they like, whether it’s action-adventure, strategy, puzzle or just a classic platformer.


A lot of people see running as something that just athletes do, but some business leaders have taken up this hobby too because it releases endorphins and helps you stay in shape while giving your mind a moment to relax.

Even if you have a stressful day at work, or things aren’t going so well at the moment, you can forget everything when you run alone in nature or listen to some music on your headphones while pounding the pavement. Running is definitely one of the best hobbies for any successful businessman.

There’s even a marathon called London Business Marathon where all profits go towards helping grow entrepreneurship in younger generations. So, if you feel like you need a proper challenge then why not take up competitive running?

Scuba diving

Another activity that’s great for both your body and brain is scuba diving; not only does it keep you fit and active, but water has such a unique peace about it that you’ll feel like a different person once you resurface.

The peace you find with this hobby will help to recharge your mind and body, giving yourself the space needed to clear your head and move on with fresh energy for what life throws at you next.


This is probably one of the most obvious things successful businessmen do because traveling is something they grew up seeing their parents do. It can be incredibly expensive though, which means not everyone can afford it.

That’s why many successful entrepreneurs are now turning to travel blogging; it helps them stay active, continue learning new cultures and visiting different places all while earning some money from their passion too. If you’re lucky enough to have the time and cash then choosing a hobby to travel the world is one of the best things you can do.

Competing in endurance events

Most business leaders don’t have time for sports, yet they still need a hobby that involves some competition and exercise. Going out to compete in an obstacle course race or multi-day event is an ideal choice because it’s not only excellent motivation to stay fit and healthy while having fun with your buddies, but it teaches you how to think on your feet and problem solve while pushing yourself harder than you ever thought possible.

Plus, if you want tips for surviving something like this then just ask someone who’s completed one before. You’ll be amazed at what these people can teach you about committing yourself to a goal.

Playing guitar and songwriting

This hobby can give you personal growth by improving your creativity, mental stimulation through problem solving skills and hand-eye coordination, and creative expression in the form of playing songs you write yourself.

The best thing is that it can be done anywhere in just a few minutes, plus most people really enjoy listening to guitar music so it’s not difficult to find an audience for your work.


A lot of business leaders are starting their own gardens at home because they want to get involved with nature somehow while also gaining some fresh ingredients for their meals. It keeps them fit too because just like Scout Leader they have to be on their feet all day digging or planting new plants.

Plus, having your own garden gives you something healthy you can eat right when you get back from work instead of cooking yet another meal for one so you save money while getting healthier.


This activity builds strength through pushing yourself against gravity and takes coordination through balancing on top of your surfboard before making a wave. It’s an excellent way to stay fit while having fun with your friends, and you also get the chance to really bond while out in the waves together catching some proper waves.

Plus, if you want tips for learning how to surf then just ask someone who knows what they’re doing because it’s quite a skill that can take months or even years of practice before you get it right at first attempt.


This is one of the best hobbies for successful business people because it gives them inner peace and calmness during times of high-stress. Meditation is scientifically proven to be good for mental health too so this activity will give you more energy for work, help you focus on what needs doing, and reduce any anxiety or depression that might be holding you back from being your best at work.


This hobby brings the body and mind together through a series of stretches, movements, and poses designed to increase mental clarity while also calming anxiety and stress. Yoga is proven to improve physical health and it gives you something fun and relaxing you can do every day after work too.


These are just some of the hobbies successful business people seem to have in common. You can try any of them this year by signing up with one of their local clubs or groups, plus they’re all great ways to bond with others while also getting healthier and becoming more creative at work.

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