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Popular Hobbies Starting with Letter B

I put together a list of popular hobbies starting with B so you have plenty to choose from! So let’s get started…

Board Games

Board games can be fun playing with friends. Some popular choices include Chess, Checkers, Monopoly, Risk, Life, Jenga, Scrabble, and Pictionary.


If you are an avid Badminton player, why not give your own backyard court a try? You can even invite some people over to play on it with you! Don’t have badminton equipment at home? No problem. Many sporting goods stores have what you need, or check online for deals.


Do you enjoy the outdoors and hiking but don’t want to spend too much money on expensive gear? Then backpacking might be right up your alley! All that is required to go backpacking is yourself. Camping gear can come from garage sales, thrift shops, or you can even go to an outdoor store and buy used equipment.

Bass Guitar

If you already play the guitar, bass might be the next instrument for you! It’s similar enough for a guitarist to learn quickly but still different enough to be exciting. Plus it’s cheaper than many other instruments so it won’t break the bank either!


Banjos are similar to guitars, just with fewer strings (usually), which makes them easier to learn. Most banjo players own at least one 5-string model that has four playing strings and a fifth string that is used exclusively as a drone or for playing the lead, but this is not required. Banjos can be easily found at thrift stores, especially guitar shops that often have an abundance of them laying around.


If you are looking for a new sport to try, why not take up boxing? Boxing makes for a good cardio and getting in shape so it’s great exercise too! You may want to look into starting off with some beginner boxing equipment before signing up for classes though.


There are many different ways to build your body, including CrossFit training, weight lifting, martial arts, and bodybuilding. Bodybuilders typically compete in local, state, and national championships to see who has the most developed physique.

While it takes a really long time to get big muscles like a bodybuilder, if you enjoy working out and staying fit, getting into bodybuilding can be rewarding and fun!


Do you enjoy gardening and nature? A hobby of bonsai may be perfect for you! Bonsai is the art of cultivating miniature trees by growing them in small containers that restrict their size.


If cooking is your thing or baking is more your speed then this might be the hobby for you! Learning how to bake things also comes with an added benefit: when done right they taste great too!

Baking is one of those skills that can be fun and useful plus it’s good to have in your back pocket.


If you enjoy playing sports then basketball might be the sport for you! Basketball has a lot of variety and can be played both indoors and outdoors which makes it very versatile.

Getting yourself into basketball may require some different kinds of equipment, depending on how serious you get with it, but if interested try out your local parks department or talk to friends who play for suggestions on where to get started.

BASE Jumping

If this sounds like too much commitment, no worries! There are other hobby ideas starting with B such as… BASE jumping! Base jump typically parachutes from stationary objects, like buildings, natural formations, or anything else sturdy enough to hold a parachute.

Some examples of places you can start BASE jumping are cliffs, antennas, or any tall structures that are not occupied!


Do you enjoy writing? Do you have opinions on just about everything? A great hobby for you may be blogging! Blogging is the act of sharing your ideas in the form of text, pictures, videos with other people across the world.

You can blog about anything and everything so it’s fun to try out different topics and see what kind of response you get. If interested talk to friends in your area who have blogs already for tips on how they got started plus check in with them when you do start up too!


If you are someone who enjoys being outdoors, has an interest in natural foods or the environment, and is maybe even a vegetarian then beekeeping could be for you!

Beekeeping allows people to get involved with bees, which are interesting creatures to work with. You can take them out of their habitats or leave them alone to live on their own. And don’t worry! Bees will not hurt you unless they feel provoked!


Another great hobby that starts with B is birdwatching! Birdwatching is the act of watching birds without attempting to control or interact with them in any way.

Some birdwatchers may enjoy looking at pictures of birds instead while others prefer trying to identify specific species by sight, sound, or call.

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