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40+ Best Hobbies For Teens To Keep Them Motivated And Happy

Teenagers are faced with many decisions. They’re growing up, but still have a lot to learn about life. Along with schoolwork and extracurriculars, they may find it difficult to find time for anything else. So here are fifty hobbies that will keep them motivated and happy-from photography to learning a new language, this list is sure to have something that’s just right for your teen!

41 Best Hobbies For Teens

Best Hobbies For Teens To Keep Them Motivated And Happy


This creative hobby offers plenty of opportunities for self-expression and the chance to explore different subjects like abstract photography or street art. You can create pictures using film cameras or digital cameras (or even an iPhone), then develop those images in darkrooms or on computers as part of the process. For those who are interested in learning more about this creative pastime, some career options include photojournalist, photo editor or fashion photographer.


Take your pick of freshwater fishing (i.e., bass, trout) or saltwater fishing (i.e., tuna, dorado) for this calming hobby that is great for relieving stress and enjoying the outdoors.

Learn a Foreign Language

Instructions for how to speak a new language can get very complicated, which is why it’s important to have a thorough understanding of the culture that comes with learning a foreign tongue. The ability to communicate in Spanish, French or even German will open doors when you travel in the future!

Play an Instrument

Get in touch with your creative side in this fun-filled hobby that requires dedication and focus. Learn how to play guitar, piano or drums (or another instrument) and use those skills not only for self-expression but also for accompaniment with singing.


Experiment with recipes for delicious treats like brownies or cupcakes-these sweet morsels are sure to be favourites among friends and family alike! But cooking can also be a great way to express creativity and self-expression.


Explore different sewing patterns and techniques in this calming hobby that’s ideal for staying creative and artistic. If you want to get started with this pastime, try your hand at knitting first (just remember to leave time for homework!)


Learn to use oil paints or watercolours in this relaxing creative activity that also encourages an appreciation for art. If you’re taking your first steps with painting, try copying a masterwork at the museum-it will give you an idea of which techniques work best with which subjects.


Explore different knitting patterns and styles in this fun-filled hobby that’s ideal for staying relaxed and focused. For those who are just starting out, learn how to knit scarves before trying more complicated designs like sweaters!

Candle making

Interested in learning how to make candles? This craft is simple enough for beginners but is also full of possibilities when it comes to creating unique looks for yourself or gifts for others.

Sign language

Pick up the basics of sign language in this creative hobby that can help you communicate when words won’t work. Whether you learn how to spell out messages or practice calling animal names, signing is a fun activity for teens looking to meet new friends and feel good about themselves.


Learn how to build desks, tables, cabinets or anything else your heart desires with carpentry skills-or just enjoy woodworking as a relaxing pastime! With this incredibly diverse skill set, there will never be a shortage of things to do at home.

Greeting cards

Make handmade greeting cards to send off to family members or friends-it’s an inexpensive way to keep in touch with loved ones while also offering yourself the chance to be creative! Whether you paint them, sew them or use recyclables like boxboard and newspaper, the possibilities are endless when it comes to this fun pastime.

Website design

Explore different website designs in this relaxing creative activity that can also help you develop your creativity. With time and practice, you’ll improve your site’s appearance while also learning more about HTML code (which is important for certain careers).

Dog walking

Take some extra responsibility by walking other people’s dogs as a way to earn money or just exercise-it might be tiring but it will definitely pay off in the long run! If pet care isn’t really your thing, try cat sitting instead-conscientious teens will be happy to help give their furry friends extra TLC.


Offer your time as a coach for younger people in your community who are just starting out with sports-this is a great way to encourage children to get active while also developing important leadership skills. Spend some extra time studying up on what you’re coaching so that you can have the best impact possible!


Make caring for plants and flowers into an enjoyable hobby by learning how to grow fresh, healthy produce. If you don’t know where to start, try taking care of houseplants or small pots of herbs (or even growing vegetables like carrots and potatoes). Your family and friends might end up enjoying your garden more than their own!


Learn how to watch birds in your community as a way of appreciating the natural world around you. This is particularly good for teens who are growing up in cities where it’s hard to spot wild animals-with some patience, you can turn this hobby into an enjoyable pastime that also helps benefit wildlife conservation efforts.


Read about different topics full of fascinating information and stories-you’ll become more knowledgeable about adult life (and perhaps even learn the basics of certain subjects like economics or art history) while also developing reading comprehension skills that will help with schoolwork. A few books on feminist theory might be most interesting for young women with big ideas!


Become a vblogger by recording your everyday life and uploading it to the internet. This is another creative hobby that can help you boost your self-confidence, develop new skills and express yourself creatively. If you’re not ready to post videos online or don’t have enough camera equipment, try making short films with assistance from family members so that you can learn the basics of filmmaking!


Create personal blogs as a way of exploring your interests, learning valuable writing skills or just keeping in touch with friends and extended family. You might also find new things to do after school that are more engaging than hanging out at the mall (and perhaps even make some money blogging about certain topics).

Local history

Learn about the history of your local area as a way of growing up with an appreciation for where you’re from. It might inspire you to start volunteering at a community museum or get involved in efforts to preserve historical sites near you. Visit some new places and get out into nature!


Offer your time as a volunteer-whether it’s through your school, church or civic organization-so that you can help solve problems in your community while also developing social skills and good work habits. Volunteering is great preparation for the workplace if you don’t quite know what you want to do after college yet. You might even make friends who share similar interests!


Learn how to juggle as a fun way of keeping your hands busy and developing some great motor skills. You’ll also get the chance to show off some impressive tricks (and potentially impress future employers) as you master new juggling moves. If you don’t have enough time for juggling, try learning magic instead-and here are some books on how to master your first tricks!


Learn more about drama and theater by joining an acting troupe or putting on skits and plays with family members and friends. This is a creative way of challenging yourself to reach outside of your comfort zone, so it might be best for teens who want something engaging but not too competitive.


Write stories, novels or screenplays as a way of challenging yourself creatively and learning the basics of storytelling. This can be a great way to express your own ideas-and might even help you develop an appreciation for writing in school if you’re not too keen on it just yet. Here are some tips for getting started on your first novel!


Learn more about baking by attending culinary classes or simply asking family members for recipe recommendations. Baking is another creative hobby that can make eating healthy food fun (plus, it gets you out of the house!)-and doing so will also boost your math skills over time. If baking doesn’t sound like something you might enjoy, try making bread instead!

Jewelery Making

Create beautiful necklaces, rings and other pieces of jewelry as a way of expressing yourself through fashion. If you don’t have time for this hobby, try learning more about metal working so you can make your own custom jewelry – or find vintage items in thrift stores to refurbish if you want to keep costs down!


Write beautiful script letters with calligraphy pens and ink-and be sure to take it slow since calligraphic writing has a unique style that takes time to master. This is an old skill that people used to use for everything from official documents to wedding invitations, but which kids today might not even be aware of!


Learn the art of paper folding known as origami by following instructions online or simply picking up a paper crane and experimenting. This is another skill that goes back to ancient Asia, so it could be interesting to learn about its origins if you don’t mind getting creative.


If there aren’t many hobbies available in your area (or you just like to keep it simple), why not do what people have been doing since the dawn of time: go for a walk! You might find yourself meeting new people or taking in some nice sights if you make sure to stay safe while exploring. Here are some tips on how walkers can stick together in groups (and avoid isolated dangers)!


Learn an aquatic sport such as swimming, diving or even synchronized swimming by signing up for lessons. This is a great way to stay active over the summer, plus it’s an important skill that you might even need for survival one day! You can also hone your swimming skills just by doing laps in the pool, so having access to one nearby is good.


Join a running club or simply go for runs on your own as part of training. If you already like getting up early in the morning, this might be perfect-but if not, getting used to early mornings could be part of what gives you motivation to keep going!


Find out more about yoga by signing up for classes or learning some basic poses from YouTube videos. Along with keeping you healthy and flexible, yoga offers mental health benefits that you might find can help with concentration over time.


Pick up a new skill by learning to ride a bike or even skates. This is another old hobby that kids today might not have the opportunity to learn, but it could be good for bonding with your parents or siblings if everyone’s interested! Or try something more adventurous-like scuba diving!

Martial arts

Try studying karate, judo, taekwondo or another martial art as a way of boosting your physical health and learning how to defend yourself. There are lots of different clubs at high schools where you can find teachers who will guide you in this path-but make sure to check out their credentials first before signing up.


Another sport that can help you get in shape, bowling with friends is a great way to spend time during the weekends. If you don’t want to go out until after your homework is done, it might be a good idea to join a bowling league instead where you can take part in competitive events over several months or even years.

Circus Skills

If dance and martial arts aren’t enough for you, why not try something a bit more unusual like circus skills? Whether it’s juggling fire torches or acro-yoga (which combines yoga poses with partner balancing), there are lots of clubs available both at school and online. Just make sure to do some research first so you know it’ll be safe.


If you already have your own skates, this might be a good hobby to take up-but if not, it’s also possible to rent them before signing up for lessons at an ice rink. For bonus points, why not try roller-skating for similar benefits?

Keep fit

If you want to keep healthy while doing something new and interesting, how about taking up keep fit? Whether you choose zumba or crossfit (or even parkour), there are plenty of free classes available both at school and online that could help inspire you. Just make sure to take care of yourself when exercising-and check out these tips first!


Explore new places on weekends with this outdoor activity that can turn into an adventure. You’ll be searching for hidden caches around your town or city, so it’s good to do research first so you know what to expect-and how to stay safe while doing it.


You might need lessons if you want them, but if not there are plenty of opportunities for sailing near you. This hobby is one of the most popular sports in the world-so why not try it out over the summer? It will help keep your fit and give you some time off at sea. Check online for instructors nearby who can teach beginners how to sail safely.


If you want to keep your teen motivated, why not pick one of the fifty hobbies above and encourage them to take it up? Even if they might be busy with schoolwork and extracurricular activities like sports or drama, there should be something here that makes their lives a little bit easier. For more information on how kids can succeed academically, check out this article. Have fun!

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